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Top Political Essay Topics for Great Papers

Essay • February 15, 2021

Top 65 Greatest Political Essay Topics

Being a college student requires you to work on numerous essays of various degrees of complexity. If your professor asks you to complete an exceptional political essay, and you don’t know where to start, consider topic selection.

At times, you will find it hard to get inspired during the essay topic selection process. This is why we have created this list of the greatest samples of essay topics on politics.

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Simple Political Essay Topics

Your essay topic does not have to be grand to impress.

Here are some examples of simple but effective topics for political essay writing:

  • How newspapers influence elections in developing countries;
  • The effect of mass media on political decisions;
  • Arguments for easing restrictions on gun control;
  • Gender dynamics in the United States electoral processes;
  • Should more policies be developed to control immigration;
  • Why hasn’t the United States had a female president yet?
  • What is the government doing to control global warming?;
  • What role should the government play when it comes to laws relating to cloning;
  • The role of government in relation to controlling gambling;
  • What aspects of the United States constitution ought to be changed;
  • Possible actions to improve voter turnouts in elections;
  • How news cycles change during presidential elections;
  • How effectively has the government responded to the coronavirus pandemic;
  • Is it ever right for governments to restrict access to the Internet?
  • Considering the arguments supporting and opposing same-sex marriages in the US;
  • Possible limits when it comes to political cartoons;
  • Is torture ever justifiable?
  • How did the events of 9/11 shape modern politics in the United States?
  • What is the role of the government in the provision of Universal Healthcare?
  • The benefits and challenges associated with social media and its role in politics.

Comparative Political Essay Topics

Another amazing set of essay topics on political discourses that you can use for your essay comprise comparative options. These are topics that require students to write essay papers that compare various elements that are political in nature.

Here are some examples.

  • Comparing approaches used by political parties in the United Kingdom;
  • How the foreign policies of the United Kingdom compared to those of the United States;
  • Comparing parliamentary and presidential approaches to democracy;
  • How does the impact of culture on politics differ between Japan and the United States?
  • Analyzing the Anglo-Saxon law that exists in the American government;
  • Comparing the apartheid phenomenon and the civil rights movement in the United States;
  • Comparing Chinese communist ideology to American democracy;
  • The changing faces of politics in Syria;
  • Exploring elements of the Israel-Palestinian conflict;
  • Examining the relationship between immigration and labor in the United States;
  • Analyzing the changing role of the British monarchy;
  • How the party system in the United States has changed over time.
  • Should anthrax vaccine be made mandatory for military personnel?
  • The degree to which Australia has transformed into a surveillance society;
  • Comparing the laws on abortion between the United States and Spain.

International Relations Political Essay Topics

Political essay topics relating to international relations are some of the most intriguing students can ever write on. Here are some examples:

  • Examining the structure of the IMF;
  • Controversies surrounding Amnesty International;
  • Analyzing human rights issues in relation to elections in Tanzania;
  • Causes of global poverty;
  • Examining power dynamics in the Arctic Circle;
  • Causes and effects of the Syrian conflict;
  • Ethical guidelines for international NGOs;
  • What is the role of non-state actors in Japanese corporations;
  • Political issues surrounding the debate on genetically modified food products;
  • Analysis of global security networks;
  • Exploring the concept of existentialism through the lens of Western Laws;
  • The relevance of the ICC in international politics;
  • How the US economy benefits from China;
  • Exploring globalization through a socioeconomic lens;
  • Examining international relations in the Caribbean.
  • How global warming affects relations between countries

Intriguing Political Essay Topics

Choosing the best topics or political essay writing is not an easy feat.

Here are some examples of intriguing topics to consider for your essay:

  • The impact of multinational corporation on national politics;
  • Exploring the differences between political and armed conflicts;
  • Politics surrounding presidential pardons in the United States;
  • Comparing the federal justice systems of the US and the UK;
  • The role of religion in political discussions;
  • Strategies for eliminating corruption;
  • Examining the foreign policy of the United States;
  • The real dynamics behind the war in Iraq;
  • The bias of news media in relation to pollical coverage;
  • Conflict resolution mechanisms during the war;
  • Analyzing elections agenda;
  • The role of whistleblowers in shaping political discourses;
  • The origins of politics;
  • What is the connection between politics and religion?
  • Comparing electoral systems across the world.

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