What is a Classification Essay?

What is a Classification Essay?

What is a Classification Essay?It is always hard to match anything. To compare first of all means to evaluate comparable items. Other words, it means to judge and to make a conclusion. To give a reasonable and objective valuation is the very that thing you must do while making comparison. But who are we to judge and to make decisions? Though every now and then our life throws up a need to compare and make parallels.

To write an essay of any kind means to make a writing piece based on the information you have studied and at the same time – to explore some facts, sum up and point your opinion. Writing comparison essays in particular refers to distinguishing among some special characteristics of chosen items.

Step by step guide to comparison

Basically, there is no great difference between a classification essay and an ordinary one. The main dissimilarity is that in classification  essays you need to weight something particularities, stressing the attention on direct features of all comparable things and giving more supporting information than usually supposed in essay writing.
Let’s study some basics needed to make a good comparison:

• decide on particular items to compare;
• write down all advantages and disadvantages of all ones;
• point classification features;
• select similarities and dissimilarities;
• make consumptions and write down basic conclusions.

The number one thing before writing a classification  essay is to fulfill requirements of the third clause of tips listed above – point classification features. What does it mean?

Let’s shed some light

Classification features are characteristics by means of which you make following estimations. For example, comparing two fishes we can use a classification feature like size and to say that a shark is bigger than a salmon.

Not less important is a matter of stating strong and weak sides of both comparable items. Do not forget to make your evaluation reasonable, objective and impartial. Your goal is not to defend one of the set; it is the prerogative of argumentative essays. You are to put it all on scales and make conclusions, do not forget that.

Making consumption point the main core of your conclusions. You do not need to once again retail all features of comparable items. You are to show the results you have achieved. Stress that all of the compared have strengths and weaknesses, though some of the listed are better from one side while other ones are better from another.


Thus, writing classification  essays or even in case of need to write your papers having some comparative characteristics use following guide and remember that the thing needed is your own comparison. The way you think does not have to be similar to the way of others. Features someone considered as strengths you may point as weaknesses. Think so? – Prove that. If something seems to be unnatural or a double-edged sword – do not forget to mention that.

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