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Yerin Kirishiki

How to Write a College Essay Prompt in 2024

Essay • January 5, 2021

Writing 2024 College Essay Prompts

Need to write a college essay prompt but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy once you start putting in the work! In this article, we’ll discuss how you can approach the task of writing your college essay prompt. The college essay prompts are quite heavily influenced by all that happened in 2020. So, be ready to talk about coronavirus apart from the usual college essay prompts. Still, no matter the topic you’ll pick to write about, our tips will be of help to you!

Check Out the Essay Prompts for Your College

First things first, you have to know what college essay topics are available to you. To learn this all you have to do is check out the application page on your college’s website. So, go to that webpage and read through all the available options of college essay prompts. Usually, the prompts themselves are quite convoluted and hard to understand. You have to understand each writing task before start doing any work. Each college essay prompt has usually a single simple question behind it. Analyze the college essay prompts by paraphrasing them in simple words. After that, start writing out ideas for each college essay prompt. Try to write as many ideas as you can. This will help later on when you’ll be finally deciding on a topic. After this is done, take a rest from the writing tasks and come back to it the next day. It’ll let your brain relax before actually doing the writing task.

Choosing the College Essay Prompt

Obviously, you won’t be doing all the writing tasks, and you need to pick a single one. This is where all the written out ideas come in handy. When you return to the list of ideas for each specific college essay prompt, review. If you have any ideas, add them to the list.Then, review it again and see which writing task led to you generating the most ideas. We recommend you to pick the one with the most ideal, as it’ll be the easiest for you to write. Of course, if you like some other writing task more, then you can pick that one. However, picking the one writing task that gives you the biggest amount of ideas will be the smartest choice.

Playing with the Ideas

Yet again, we’re going to use the list of ideas you initially wrote. Now, you can take that the list for the specific college essay prompt and expand on each point.Just let your imagination fly and don’t stop yourself at any point. Remember at this point, you’re not writing the essay exactly. So, there’s no need to worry about being coherent, creating paragraphs, or fully completed arguments. At this point, you’re simply playing with your initial ideas, and that’s it. After you’ve fully exhausted your imagination for the college essay prompt, take a break. Relax another day, because turning your ideas into an essay will be too hard at this moment. It’s much better to rest another day, and return to the writing process later.

Starting the Writing Process

At this point, you should feel why we did so much preparation before starting any of the actual writing. Thanks to the work that you did before, the writing process turns into the editing process. When you return to writing after taking a break, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll finish this part.

Create an Outline

Don’t start writing just yet! Take all the improvised ideas and structure them into a coherent narrative! Group ideas, shuffle them around and don’t be afraid to adjust them a bit as you go by. Just don’t get too focused on finalizing sentences right now, it’ll just slow you down.

Fill Out the Gaps

At this point, the only thing left to do is fill in the gaps between the sentences.

  • First, finalize paragraphs, including only one whole idea for each paragraph.
  • Then, create smooth transitions between paragraphs.
  • Lastly, write the conclusion to summarize your ideas for the college essay prompt.

Revise, Revise, Revise

After you finish the initial version of the college essay, be sure to review it and revise. It’s always a good idea to show it off to your friends and relatives, and improve it according to the critique. After a couple of revisions, you’ll have written an impressive essay for the college prompt.

Get Help if You Need It

Our methodology makes it incredibly easy to structure your work on the college essay prompt and finish it easily. If you feel like it’s all overwhelming for you, don’t worry! At any moment, you can get a professional writer to do the college essay prompt for you.Get started now and improve your chances of getting accepted into college!

Yerin Kirishiki

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