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49+ Interesting and Current Topics for Your Research Paper

Research Paper • January 25, 2021

50 Trending Research Paper Topics to Write About for a Research Paper in 2024

What can you focus on when crafting your research paper?

Your research topic matters significantly, informing and shaping the reader’s opinion.

So, give the topic development process the attention it deserves. When developing your topic, always keep in mind that whatever you pick should be exciting and worth exploring.

H2: 50 Interesting and Explorable Research Topics this Year

If you are not sure what topics to choose, don’t worry as we have great suggestions for you. Our research paper professionals have developed 50 topics for you.

These topics encompass a variety of areas to help you select your interest:

  • The current state of immigration in America and policy revisions needed
  • US minimum wage: the trend in the last 10 years
  • The ethical question of organ sale: should you be allowed to sell your body organs?
  • How has China progressed to become the economic powerhouse it is today?
  • The strained relationship between America and North Korea
  • Comparing the American education system with other systems worldwide
  • The long-term effects of Coronavirus on the US and other developed economies
  • What will happen if the world doesn’t control the Coronavirus in a year or so?
  • US prison reforms for the previous decade: can they be improved?
  • Equality in employment: do men still earn more, and why?
  • Do better grades determine career success?
  • University debt: how debt impacts the future of a college student
  • The advancement of cryptocurrency: examining how the progression of Bitcoin
  • Mixed versus gender-mixed school: do pupils learn better in mixed or non-mixed schools?
  • Does the legal drinking age encourage or limit underage drinking?
  • Animal use in research: how ethical is it to use animals for testing?
  • Is censorship needed on social media?
  • Can distance learning replace traditional classroom learning?
  • The increase in cybercrime and possible mitigation processes
  • Cosmetic surgery: what is the right age of consent?
  • Cyberbullying: how bullying over the internet has become a significant problem
  • Is it wrong to spank your child?
  • Police brutality and increased racial tension
  • Sustaining weight loss: how effective are different diets and exercises?
  • Low-fat versus low-carb diet: how do they affect weight loss?
  • My experience with discrimination in school
  • How drug abuse affects students, parents, and teachers
  • Does graduating from college offer more opportunities than only completing high school?
  • Is diversity a good thing in a team?
  • What is physiological ecology, and why is it important?
  • The impact of fast foods on community health
  • What drives overconsumption of resources in recent times?
  • How are the latest technology trends impacting the modern-day lifestyle?
  • What is the people’s attitude toward the occupation of cam girls?
  • How to stop corporate irresponsibility in 2024
  • Has the “Black Lives Matter” movement minimized racism in America?
  • How the US economy has performed under President Trump
  • Should standardized tests be administered in 2024 and beyond?
  • The 5 most efficient educational technologies in 2024
  • Are Shakespeare’s work relevant in 2024?
  • The significance and impact of online learning
  • The relationship between America and North Korea under President Trump’s administration
  • The current state of diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Qatar
  • AIDS in 2024
  • How to address social media bullying
  • What do you feel President Biden will do differently?
  • Should students take prescribed steroids to enhance athletic performance?
  • How to deal with depression among students in 2024
  • The effects of controversial video games on young people
  • How to use social media to enhance health

Useful Advice for Selecting Trending Research Paper Topics

How can you pick the perfect research paper topic?

To ensure flawless writing, you’ve got to work with a heading that sits right with you.

Here are some useful tips for picking the best research paper topics.

Pick a Topic that Interests You

Go for a topic that interests you the most. Doing this ensures that you stay engaged when exploring the issue in your research paper.

Consider paper topics that make you curious or the ones that give you tons of ideas. For instance, if you are impressed by politics, select paper topics that explore a specific political issue.

Narrow the Scope

Many students come up with several broad-scoped research paper topics before commencing their writing. If you are one of them, narrow the scope of your research paper topic after settling on one.

The ideal paper topic should touch on a particular issue to make your writing more precise.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for trending research paper topics?

You can start with the suggestions we’ve provided in this post. Remember, to ensure a flawless writing process, you’ve got to pick an interesting topic.

Need help writing a research paper?

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