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The Peculiarities Of APA Research Paper Outline

Research Paper • May 4, 2009

What does APA Research Paper Outline Suppose?

When setting to write a research paper, one needs to be knowledgeable not only in how to work out argumentation line and how to make literature research, but have at least a general knowledge what citation style is and what format it supposes. The most widely used citation styles, which define the format of the paper and guides in references arrangement task, are APA or American Psychological Association format and MLA or Modern Language Association used in humanities and liberal arts subjects. Here we’ll dwell on APA research paper outline.

When a researcher has a good understanding of this or that citation style, he is believed to be a good researcher. It suggests of his research maturity and ability to complete impeccable research paper. It takes a lot of time to learn nuances and all details of different types of essay formats. It supposes the knowledge of how to structure the whole paper, how to arrange References page and how to organize in-text citations. Every citation style supposes its own set of rules which dictate how all relevant information of the source is arranged.

APA research paper outline has the following structure:
• requires the page header and the running head or abbreviated title;
• centering the title of the paper and placing it in the upper half of the page;
• double space between the lines of the title (if it is too long);
• upper and lower case letters for author’s name;
• indicating institutional affiliation or class after author’s name (double space between lines).

The general structure of APA research paper outline is common with MLA format which requires 1 inch margins, 12 Times New Roman or Arial fonts, double-spaced lines, left-justified text and tab indented paragraphs.
The information in the reference item is arranged like this:

Author (Abbr.) – Date – Title – Volume – Place of Publication – Publisher – other relevant Information

The in-text citations have the following structure: (Browns 2008) or (Higgins 2009, pp. 201-204)

These are only a general overview of APA research paper outline, which cannot fully cover all information required for producing decent APA style essay or research paper. It is not really easy to grasp all peculiarities of this research writing style. However, when you need your research paper or term paper urgently, you can make a lot of mistakes in formatting of the paper. So if you want to submit A level paper, you have to be careful with every aspect of research.

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Valeria Gorner

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