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Find Out How to Choose a Good Research Topic for Your Work!

Any research project should have a well-defined topic. Choosing and developing a topic for your work is quite a lengthy process during which you can define and refine your thoughts. Later you will have to focus on the strategies of research and be able to find some relevant information. Before you start the research process, you need to be sure that you comprehend your assignment, its objectives, and all the requirements. It would be very helpful if you can plan some sufficient research, writing and thinking time before getting started with the project. And later you’ll have to define and refine your writing. There are some definite rules of choosing a good research topic. Some of them are listed below.

1) Begin with some idea in which you have any interest. Think what you want to find out about it. You may talk with your tutor about an idea of research. Besides, you may even ask for help a librarian.

2) Try to do some background reading in order to get a better understanding of your research topic. It will surely provide you with a general overview and the history of your topic. After doing it you’ll have to identify some subtopics and any related topics. You may make use of some articles from newspapers to get new ideas.

3) The next thing you need to do to get a good research topic is to narrow it. First of all, select a specific aspect to study. Think of the standpoints and focus on a given time period, individual, location and other important facts.

4) You may try to restate the topic in question form. It should be a research question. And then you will need to search for the answer to this question or any solutions to the problem stated.

5) State the main ideas, theories and concepts. Try to make a list of key terms and phrases. Besides, don’t fail to make use of such queries as what? why? who? when? where? how?

6) Now you have to analyze your topic. Think of what kind of information you need to get. Use primary and secondary sources; don’t forget about articles, books and Internet. It will make the process of search for a good research topic much easier.

7) Try to test your ideas on topic with the sources that you have. Think whether you finding are relevant and maybe your topic too extensive or too narrow.

8) You need to think creatively about the information you have and any ideas. Try to make some conclusions and connections basing on your research.

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