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Erin Amedda

Find the List of Interesting Topics and Unique Ideas for Your Paper

Research Paper • February 21, 2010

Find Interesting Topics and Essay Samples of Top Quality to Boost Your Knowledge

When students get a task to write an essay or research paper they usually search for interesting topics. The choice of a good topic plays almost a vital role in the final essay writing result. If the student is interested in his essay topic, so he would probably provide an excellent paper.

There are many sources from which you can draw interesting topics for your paper – books, journals, the Internet, radio, television etc. While choosing the topic for your essay, try to take into consideration the following criteria:

– Think what kind of paper you are required to write. Many students search for persuasive research topics, reflective essay topics etc. If you need to write a persuasive paper, try to choose the topic on which you may provide the most convincing arguments. If you are assigned with a personal essay, so you should search for the interesting topic due to which you can reveal your inner world.

– Choose the topic that really interests you. For example, if you are interested in science or fantastic science, so you may choose the topic in this field. You may write about aliens or other paranormal phenomenon. You may also research such phenomena as Déjà vu. You may also write about telepathy and ability to move things with your mind. If you are interested in history, so you may research some historical facts or events. For example, you may investigate some facts about Trojan War or Bermuda Triangle. Write about famous historical leaders. There are also many interesting topics in such study area as astronomy. You may research the substance of different stars or crystal healing. Other interesting topics are astrology signs compatibility, horoscope signs, astrological prediction etc.

– Every person has different preferences and tastes. That is why think if your topic will be interesting to your target auditory. You may even conduct a small poll and ask them what they want to read about.

– Try to select some pressing and up-to-date topic (e.g. cloning). You should also pay attention if there is necessary amount of additional information on the topic. If you see that there is a lot of information on the topic, you should better specify it. Do not select the topic that was investigated by many students.

But still choosing a good topic is not enough for successful writing. You should pay attention to the paper structure and formatting. In order to create a successive and logic paper you should outline it. Write the introductory part, the main body part and the conclusion. Think what piece of information you want to insert in each paragraph. Your paper should be informative and scientifically significant. Try to provide relevant and vivid examples. If you use additional information in your paper, make sure you give reference to every source. Even if you took information from the web site, you should indicate this site and write its internet address.

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Erin Amedda

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