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Gregory Cox

Literature Review Example is a Good Pattern for Completing your Own Work

Research Paper • March 19, 2010

Literature Review Example Will Give You a Chance to Accomplish Your Work Perfectly Well!

One thing you need to remember while working on your literature review is that it is kind of an overview of definite literature published on exact topic. Your literature review should include such sections as an overview of the topic, theory under consideration and the objectives of your review. There some definite set of steps you need to complete in order to prepare a high quality literature review. And remember that you can make use of ready literature review example. In this case you will have a kind of pattern for completing your own writing work.

1) It is quite difficult to make a decision how to organize all information you have gathered. The format of every review will be surely different but still there are some universal principles for almost any kind of academic writing.

2) The opening part of your review is the foreword. It must present the content by stating your approach and tell about the main ideas and objectives of your literature review. Keep in mind it must stimulate your readers’ interest. It is quite possible that this section will need to be completed after all main parts.

3) The main part of your work must consist of separate parts given in a logical order. Not like other writing works where all paragraphs are arranged consecutively without any headings, your review should have clear headings. In any good literature review example you can see that every part must be devoted to one definite topic or theme, and every paragraph within every part must be devoted to only one idea.

4) In the end of your literature review you need to sum up and make conclusions on the main points of your work. At this stage, you will surely find out how much of what you wrote is descriptive writing and how much is critical. Remember, that it is only when you are making use of evaluation and analysis that you will be able to draw any conclusions!

5) Try to keep your language plain and clear. Avoid using long words when shorter will do. You need to have 15-20 words long sentences since very long sentences are hard to follow. Always make use of the third person. Never use personal pronouns such as ‘I’ or ‘my’. And in case you have any doubts make use of ready literature review example.

6) Don’t forget to check grammar and spelling; if it is your weak point, then improve it by asking advice of your tutor or reading some rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar. It will improve your chances to get a high mark.

The process of preparing a good literature review is very hard and tiresome. If you are not sure how to complete your work properly, make use of some ready literature review example. Besides, you may visit custom research writing vendor and find first-class essay examples or get some good research topics. Don’t hesitate and apply for professional help!

Gregory Cox

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