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Research Paper Introduction is the Start of Future Research

CourseworkResearch Paper • May 22, 2009

There’s No Research Paper Without a Research Paper Introduction

The important part of every research paper is an introduction. Research paper introductions outline the main focus of the research and give the reader hints as to what field of study the paper dwells on.

For the challenging task of research paper writing one needs to be full of eagerness and devotion as it requires much time and ability to cope with obstacles and difficulties. Even when you are confident about your writing skills and have some experience in research writing, it is never enough to know how to make a profound and well-grounded research paper.
The major constituent parts of any research project are:

• research paper Introduction, which a part where one concisely and accurately describes the background of the research to covered in the main body;
• Introduction of the research paper is usually followed by Literature review where one introduces all possible views and position on the problem researched. Here it is important to read as much sources as possible and make certain conclusion and mark some directions for future research. When writing literature review a researcher can learn and opposing evidence and views on the problem and shape his own position, which can be proved in the process of primary research.
Research paper Methodology outlines the tools of conducting it- qualitative or quantitative methods can be used and the researcher defines what better suits for this or that goal.
• Data Analysis describes the findings of the research conducted and interprets them;
• Based on data interpretation and information from secondary sources retrieved one can make a Conclusion.
• References page contains of the sources used in the research. It documents the name of an author, date of publication, the title of the sources and some other relevant data. This is an important part of research paper since here one gives credit to all authors who have been helpful for one’s own research project.

The first task in research writing is working out a thesis which defines the focus of research. This is usually done at preliminary stage or in research proposal writing. Here one also indicated working title of a research, a reading list and paper objectives.

In research paper writing process one needs to be careful with observing small details, which are a significant part of decent research paper. A researcher has to be knowledgeable about different citation style formats and know how to cite a paper in this or that format. For example, having the requirement of submitting MLA format paper, it means that in-text citation and items of reference page as well as cover page of a research should have specific structure and formatting.

There are far more nuances to know when starting to write research paper. Research paper introduction is only a small part what should be covered in research. One needs to be a diligent student or researcher to complete impeccable research. That’s what can offer you without a hind of doubt about ability to help with incredible research paper, essay or even custom dissertation. Trying this custom essay and research paper writing service once, you are never to refuse from its benefits.

Martin Cardoso

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