The Dissertation Committee Will Actively Partake in Dissertation Defense

Learn More about the Process of Choosing a Dissertation Committees

When you work on your dissertation, you may have some fears of your work’s defense in general and dissertation committees in particular. But you should not be afraid. Actually, dissertation committee is a essential part of the dissertation defense. Besides, you need to keep in mind, that you can even improve your work with the help of the dissertation committee, because the members of this committee can always give you some useful advice on the dissertation writing. Usually such committee consists of four and sometimes more members, but you shouldn’t think they all know the subject of your work in details, and for that reason you must not be afraid that your committee can ask you some questions beside the point. Remember, you are the author of your dissertation and no one, accept you, knows the subject in all details. So you must be ready to answer some general questions that sometimes absolutely different from your work’s topic. Some more important facts about the dissertation committee are given below. Read it thoroughly and get ready to work on and defense your writing work.