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Gregory Cox

Make Your Thesis for a Research Paper Catchy and Argumentative

Thesis • May 7, 2010

Find Out More about Theses for Research Papers

Before you start to think over your future thesis for a research paper you need to select a topic that will surely draw the attention of the potential readers. If you already have it you may start creating a thesis statement. Whenever you want to explain anything or to convince to agree with your own opinion, there should be a thesis. It is a single sentence that presents the main idea of your work. Remember your thesis must give your readers an answer to the main question of your whole work. But at the same time you should understand that your first thesis may be changed somehow in the process of writing. So, let’s call this first a draft thesis. And during your work on the topic from time to time you need to make sure your thesis still represents your point of view. Besides, it is very useful to follow the rules of successful thesis writing that are given below.

  • Make sure your thesis is really a thesis. Keep in mind, a thesis should express a definite position on a topic. It differs from a topic sentence since a thesis statement must never be neutral. It presents the additional arguments you would like to make some points you are going to prove. Remember, it is your motivation for writing.
  • Don’t make your thesis for a research paper too broad. It must be as exact and concise as possible, and besides it should reflect the scope of your work. For example, it is impossible to write a work on the English literature history making it 5 pages long. What you need to do? All you need to do is try to choose a simpler topic and to specify the method of work.
  • Never try to create an unquestionable thesis. Really good theses for research papers must be arguable. And if you want to make it arguable, it should contain a position that can be reasonably contested by someone. It should not be some universally accepted statement that doesn’t need any proof.
  • Remember that a really good thesis gives not only some position on an issue, but it also suggests the future structure of the paper. It must allow your reader to imagine the course of your work, in which a sequence of facts logically confirms your work’s main claim.

The process of creating theses for research papers is always tiresome, time-consuming and sometimes boring. So you may not have enough skills or time to complete such work yourself. But you should not worry. There is always some way out. In this case all you need to do is to visit custom research writing assistant There you can order a custom-written work that will be completed by highly experienced writers or to get our free 24/7 online support. You can be sure that your work will be done according to the highest standards and within the given time limit.

Gregory Cox

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