Business School Essays and Their Secrets

Ins-and-outs of business essay writing

All in all, there are 2 basic types of business school essays. They fall into critical and analytical. No matter what business essay topics are you expected to develop, you’ll have to stick to a certain standardized procedure. So let us get it started right now.

First and foremost, you have to read instructions thoroughly. Delivering a fine business school essay requires you to follow requirements given in the task. Understanding what is needed is key. Moreover, if you are allowed to choose a topic for your essay for business school individually, than pick up the one that resonates with your personal thoughts and ideas. If a topic is fixed, then spend as much time as possible researching it.

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Browse at least 5 referential sources. Collect relevant data and start classifying it. Mind that you must follow a business essay format that includes an introduction, main body and conclusions. In a Stanford business school essays are written in that way all the time. Furthermore, pay attention to the referencing – it has to be impeccable. You can also introduce an interview with an expert in your area in the main body of your essay. In fact, that will be a great plus supporting your point of view.

Now here are a couple of important hints you’d really like applying. First, write no more than 5 hours a day. It will keep you from overworking and getting into the slump. Make little pauses every hour. Secondly, commence writing your business essay well in advance. Thirdly, use simple sentences and word combinations. Express your opinions in plain English yet use a subject-relevant language stock. Tutors love clear messages. Those who’ve read Harvard business school essays can tell they are always strict-to-the-point, feature an engaging thesis and are always rounded up with a catchy conclusion. And fourthly, edit your work like you would’ve edited a letter to the president.

Moving on. In Columbia business school essays play an important role in students’ academic life. They write a lot and their skills are top-notch. However, they owe largely to sample business school essays downloaded for reference needs online. You can gain them as well at

Note that one paragraph must feature one thought. Make sure your paragraphs are logically connected and bear a cohesive message. If you decided to use someone’s words to support your position, cite them properly. Presenting other people’s ideas as your own is not the way to go at the university or college. Write your whole text from scratch.

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