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Academic writing is usually difficult even without the additional complexity due to following the strict referencing rules. Apart from essays whose writing style is more open-ended and doesn’t need to adhere to specific structure, other academic papers such as thesis, dissertations and research papers are often subjected to strict structural and referencing requirements. These guidelines are not only applied by academic institutions but also by professionals in various industries.

Referencing is mainly important because you need to acknowledge other people’s contribution in your own work. As a student doing an academic assignment, you need to draw ideas and words from the works of other writers preceding you. Aside from that, referencing is important to showcase the depth of your own research and to support the assertions or arguments that you make in your paper. Your citations will also allow you and your readers to keep track and trace any sources of information you use in the paper. Acknowledging other scholars’ ideas and research in your own work earns you respect from your professors and tutors, and gains you much needed points on your paper, not to mention that it’s absolutely mandatory.

The Chicago style of referencing is one of the most widely used referencing styles, most popular in the spheres of Arts, Business, Economics and History. If you are a student of these disciplines or of other Humanities, you will need to have a grasp of this style because any accidental or intentional lack of citations may be counted as plagiarism and may well lead to penalties.

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What to Note about the Chicago Style Paper Format

There are many different variants of citation techniques, and all of them may burden students with different requirements. One may get confused at all the requirements for the various techniques. The Chicago style is one of the most widely used and popular among a large number of disciplines all over the world. This is why it is important for students to understand the various features of this technique.

Also known as Turabian, the Chicago style has specific features assigned to it and outlined with the help of the following points:

As you can see, it might be quite difficult to write a paper in Chicago style if you have never encountered this style of referencing before. Most students also confuse this technique of referencing with that of the MLA technique, which holds a good number of similarities with the Chicago or Turabian style. Our expert writers don’t just have knowledge of the basics. They have the actual experience and knowledge of the rules of the Chicago style for different disciplines.

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We don’t just provide writing services. Our team also prides itself in teaching you how the Chicago technique works and the different structural requirements for various papers. The writing process requires a good amount of patience and experience to master the technique fully. However, even then, students may still be extremely confused when they are referencing from various sources such as the Internet, journals, articles, textbooks, interviews, newspapers and other sources.

Our sample papers will highlight even those minute aspects that may be thought of as unimportant in the Chicago style. You can access samples of research papers, dissertations, thesis, coursework writing and other academic papers that need formatting in the Chicago technique. Through these samples, you will also see the practical applications of the Chicago Style in different disciplines such as History and Fine-Art, and get editorial notes on those differences. A Chicago style paper template from us will simplify the process for you greatly because you can learn how to format your paper in accordance with this technique as you go along using this template. The process is obviously difficult at first, but with this template, you can start getting used to formatting your paper to the Turabian style. Otherwise, it may be even easier to let our professional writers do it for you if you are short of time or energy.

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We have grown and perfected the art of writing Chicago style papers through years of experience and getting exposed to a large array of student needs. Our writers are professionals who need to demonstrate knowledge of this writing technique and get a pass from our editors. If you need help on how to write a Chicago style paper, this is the best place to start. Without tooting our own trumpet too much, some other benefits that you will get from our service include:

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