Are all Essay Writing Service Legit?

The question that always comes up when looking for essay writer services is “Are essay writing services legal?” The answer is always, yes. The services that essay writing services are legal. Provided that these companies are registered with the proper country location government business departments, have a legal business address in their country of location, and are (optionally) registered with the Better Business Bureau, the company is a legal business entity.

While there are numerous online essay writing services. Not all of them are legitimate. It is easy enough to spot the illegal, fly by night companies. Their websites and blurbs are so atrocious, it tells you the company is not looking legit essay writing service. Our website professionally represents our company services and offers legitimate essay writing services. Contact us at your convenience to find out how we can do that.

How Can I Tell a Legit Essay Writing Service from the Illegitimate Ones?

Make sure that you get the best and legit essay writing service before you sign up for the services of the company. Make sure that the company does not rely on Skype phone numbers or Messenger devices for contact. If it does not have a landline-based number, you should question the actual location of the company.

If you have already placed an order with the company, then ask them to have the writer call you, just so you can speak to the writer and hear the accent of the writer. Legit online essay help companies that do not use ESL writers will have no problem doing that for you.

An illegitimate writing company can also easily be found out by doing an IP search for the company name, using the URL as the jumping off point. The reverse IP lookup always shows the actual location of the company. To avoid these complicated steps in essay company vetting, it would be best for you to hire a reliable writing service such as our legitimate writing company as soon as possible.

What Criteria Is Used to Find Legit Essay Writing Companies?

There are two sets of criteria that need to be considered when trying to find out if an essay writing company is legitimate. These are the visible and writer signs.

The Visible Signs:

Companies that employ non-ESL writers are proud of the ENL (English as a Native Language) writer skills. These legit essay writers are always showcased by the company through their writer profile pages.

Writer Skills:

Most writing companies these days encourage the clients to pick their own writer for their work to ensure a greater writing style compatibility and similar tone of writing. Companies that do not offer these services are often, illegitimate and do not really use Native English writers for their orders. Our company is prepared to back up our claims. Ask us about writing samples and writer contact avenues now.

Why Should I Trust Your Essay Writing Company?

Our company has been in the essay writing business since the year 2000. You can trust that we have gone through the growing pains and legitimacy questions that other essay writing companies go through. The difference? Remember all the criteria that was set out earlier in this presentation? Due diligence on the part of the client will show that our company passes all the criteria that our company Quality Assurance Department set forth for our writers and the legitimacy of our company.

When you hire our services, you will get the most excellent before and after sales services from our client associates. You will never have a dropped phone call, a missed call, nor a dismissed phone call. Our client associates will make sure that all your writing needs are addressed in the shortest amount of time. Click here to tell us how we can be of service to you now.

Our writers are highly trained professionals who value the worth of their client and the business that they bring. You may tire of their constant communication with you as they constantly refer to you for instructions and clarifications. All in the quest to make sure that you get the paper you desire the first time. Revision requests are alien to our writers as their work is impeccable and perfect. Our client testimonies will attest to that. Avoid writer communication problems, have our client associate put you in touch with one of our writers, an expert in your field of writing need, now.

Just Essay Writing?

On the contrary, our writers can accomplish more than just simple high school essays. Professional writers should be able to write masters thesis, PhD dissertations, and other complex research papers. We have a writer available on call 365 days of the year. We never take time off because our clients don’t have the time to waste. Drop us a line to and let us know how we can assist you even during the busiest time of the year.

Don’t forget, we have certified masters and PhD graduates in our writer’s pool. Be sure to indicate the level of specialization that your writing needs so that only the proper and qualified writers in the area will be sent to you for assessment, consideration, and hiring. We make sure to screen the writers first so that you don’t have to do it twice. Only the final writer choice is left up to you. It’s that easy to pick out a writer for your work. Don’t waste time looking at other companies that cannot give you the same assurances. Chat with us now so we can help you narrow down the writer list for your order.

Is My Data Safe with You?

Unlike other essay writing companies, we use multiple Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to maintain the integrity of our payment transactions. Your data is safe from breaches all the time. Don’t worry about third party use of your information either. We will never sell your information to any part outside of our company. Neither will we use your information for any action outside of the transaction it was originally intended for.

CTA – Now that you have been informed about how to choose a legitimate essay writing company, you can make peaceful transaction with our company. Our client associates are standing by to complete the order form for you. Give us a call now. Place your essay paper in our hands, you won’t regret it. Call us now. Chat with us here. Email us for additional inquiries.