What is a Literature Review and How Does It Differ From Academic Research Papers?

So, what is literature review, in plain words? Literature review section deals with informative materials that range from scientific articles to governmental brochures. It gives information on a particular area. Sometimes it can be written in the manner of a report on a particular subject within a set period.

In other words, literature review is a text aimed at revision of key points of modern knowledge. It includes substantive research results together with academic and scientific contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews tend to be secondary sources; therefore, they do not introduce any new experimental data. They might give a new explanation to old materials or mix the new ones with their old interpretations. Depending on the situation, literature review may estimate the sources and give suggestions to the reader on the most appropriate ones.

Literature reviews writing practice usually improves writing skills and develops the ability of making a detailed analysis. So, if someone asks you: “What is a literature review and what is its purpose in general?”, you will be able to say its definition and mention that your aim is to establish the credibility of your work and provide a handy guide to a particular topic.

What is literature review in research paper? The main objective of any research paper is to evolve a new argument. Part of a research paper, literature review is used as a basis and support for a new comprehension that you promote. However, the focus of a literature review is to synthesize and summarize the ideas and arguments of others without new contributions.

What is literature review in scientific research and what is its value?

Let’s try to find out what is review of literature in research and why we need to write it.

Frequently associated with academic literature, such as a thesis, literature review usually precedes a research proposal. If you don’t have enough time to do research, literature reviews can give you an overall view of the subject matter or some information to start with. Professionals often use them to keep themselves in the loop on novelties in the field. With the help of a literature review, scholars usually estimate writer’s competence. It is essential for the majority of researchers to be familiar with the literature of the subject. Writing a literature review, you get an opportunity to show your skills in information search and analysis.

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