Types of Essay Formats and Their Specific Characteristics

The Most Widely Employed Types of Essay Formats

There are different types of essay formats which are used in academic settings. These formats define the content and the form of an essay. So if you know how to deal with this or that essay format, you can succeed with your academic tasks. Here are some very often employed types of essay and their basic characteristics.

Comparative essay is rather simple format of essay writing which supposes compare and contrast activity like finding common and different features between two literature pieces or two theories, strategies, styles, etc. As people used to make comparative analysis in their daily life, this essay format is great simulator to develop more profound skills of comparison.

Persuasive essay format is an essay format, which is really beneficial for developing important for life skills of persuasion. To be persuasive one needs to provide a reader or listener with strong arguments, consistent proofs framing all this into eloquent and passionate discussion. One needs to have excellent writing skills to make one believe that his standpoint is the only correct one. It is an important task if you want to get skills of persuasion.

Critical analysis essay is more complicated type of essay format as it supposed impeccable logicality, strong argumentation and thorough research. A student is supposed to have high level of writing proficiency as well as good knowledge or expertise in the area of study. One also has to be vehement about one’s viewpoint, which should be clearly articulated. Coherent argumentation and relevant conclusion is a must for critical analysis essay, which is also true for other types of essay formats. Writing this type of essay develops important skills, which can be helpful when writing more complicated tasks like term papers or dissertations.

Argumentative essay requires strong argumentation and maximum of supporting information. This type of essay supposes the following format: presenting idea and finding facts to reject or support it, strong argumentative thesis and effective building sentences. Effective academic language and tone should be used in this type of essay.

Cause and effect essay is one of the most widely preferred formats for discussing some phenomenon. Finding causes and effects can be a part of some other type of essay. However, when you are solely concentrated on the task of looking for causes and effect, this is a cause and effect essay.

These types of essay formats are basic types, which can be a part of any research paper format. It is important to follow their specific structure and make them informative, well-grounded and thrilling. All should include relevant information like facts, statistics, examples and experiences, adding to the bulk of the existing knowledge.

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