The Knowledge of Various Types Of Essays Is Helpful in Real Life Situations

The Most Popular Types of Essay

Everyone who have graduated from the university or graduate students perfectly know that during student years one is obliged to devote much time to writing different types of essays. Now, they understand that these writing assignments are simple and they are not such a grave problem as it seemed a couple of years ago. All in all, these “simple” writing tasks are a real torture for a freshman finding themselves at the dead end with their writing tasks.

If you have recently entered Uni, you should have already heard about various types of essays the students need to deal with. There is a short description of some essays for you to see that the devil is not so black as he is painted.

Critical analysis essay. In this essay the author investigates carefully a certain notion, situation, phenomenon from different perspectives, evaluates them, and then expresses his points of view concerning it.

Comparative essay supposes the contrast and comparison of the material of the research work, with the help of which similarities and differences are defined.

Character analysis essay is usually based on the analysis of literary piece. The writer reads the work, researches the structure, characters, language, pays attention to all the details and then sets his own position as to the problem. The only source of this essay is the text itself.

Argumentative essay requires persuasive arguments to support the author’s ideas, views, and position. The writer researches the object from different angles, finds various “pros and cons” arguments, shapes his opinion and persuades the reader that his arguments are true.

Persuasive essay aims to win over the reader with the help of well-defined, persuasive, and believable argumentation of the research.

Cause and effect essay. Like any other types of essays it requires research, the result of which is the determination of the fullest list of causes and effects of a certain situation.

There are other different essays, but all of them should be informative, interesting, and persuasive. They should be supported by facts, statistics, views, examples and experiences. In every essay the author needs to produce some new knowledge.

Practice in essay writing can be helpful in real life as you acquire:

• new, individual, convincing, and forceful points of view;
• ability to think critically, to analyze, to prove and support your own position;
• skills of self-expression and of thorough observation, excellent writing skills;
• new knowledge through reading, analyzing and making conclusions,
• features of the character that will help to attain a pinnacle of success and get a place under the sun.

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