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Anna Wippich

Animation Dissertation is a Pleasure of Writing

Dissertation • April 11, 2010

Animation Dissertations Writing is Creative Process Where You Grow

Producing an animation dissertation is the same writing process of any academic dissertation. It has the same requirements and key constituents that any kind of dissertation includes. To start a dissertation, the students should realize that they have a great deal with a paper based on their own thoughts.

While writing a project, it is desirable to add some instances of animation. It can either be the photographs, video format or a number of drawings. It will obviously grasp the audience’s attention and make your project more interesting and profound. If you have decided to support your work with the examples, the perfect way will be visual presentation. It could be a frame, a description of animation styles or may be some abstracts from an animation movie regarding the topic. Good examples of your animation dissertation are the main elements that will enlarge your argument. Before doing this, first of all, you have to discuss it with your supervisor and get some recommendations how to present them in a better way. Take time for watching certain films to get some experience in making high-qualified videos. For all this, it is necessary to choose a current topic of your writing that will be based on perspective and up-to-date information. Accordingly, you have to convey the fresh thoughts and facts that are documented. Remember, if you have added the instances into your paper, then they will be included in the appendix. There are some ideas of animation topics, you can choose for your animation dissertations:

• Disney’s Pocahontas
• Incredible Lion King
• Snow White
• Who Framed Roger Rabbit
• Toy story
• Kung fu Panda
• 3d animation films or cartoons
• Disney – portrayal of religion, gender, race
• Traditional animation and its techniques
• Computer animation
• Japanese 3d animation
• Digital imagery affects society
• Methodological anime and thesis on Pandora’s box
• Artificial animals for computer animation

The main role in writing animation dissertations plays an organizing of structure. It divides a dissertation into convenient chunks. The structure forms the basis of an outline. Generally, the students have seven weeks as a deadline for writing their dissertation. To open the plan takes one week, to produce 3,000 words needs five weeks and to check the whole paper takes one week as well. Accordingly, you may think over and plan out your timetable for writing the paper in time. In the structure, the main argument should be mentioned and disclosed.

Writing your paper should be aimed to make the beginning and the end of a dissertation very strong and substantial. At the beginning of a project, a subject matter has to be presented. The conclusion comprises your summary and stating the reasons why this or that subject should be studied further.

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Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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