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David Cater

Dissertation Research Is A Serious Test for Those You Aim at High Achievements

Dissertation • August 23, 2009

Dissertation Research Requires Excellent Research Skills and Absolute Devotion to the Subject

Dissertation research is not a simple research paper writing. It requires in-depth thinking, incessant reading and analyzing all information explored. It starts as early as you are involved in some academic research during your student years and may develop into dissertation if you find new points to explore or perspectives to look at the subject from.

When you are involved into dissertation writing, you should be ready to face many challenges. First of all you have to prove that your research idea is worth attention in dissertation proposal. Then you have to develop this idea into a plan of your dissertation project and then you have to defend your findings during dissertation defense.

However, the greatest bulk of work over dissertation is the researching literature on the subject and developing ideas as to getting primary data for analysis. It means the choice of methodological tools which can help in collecting data on the subject. One needs to be careful with methodology chapter as it will define the quality of your work.

When you start your dissertation project, you should have a clear idea of what results you are going to receive. It is not necessary that results are exact and at the end of your research you get them, but knowing your objectives is the first step to success.

Thus before starting dissertation project, you have to submit dissertation proposal as a plan for your future work. This preliminary work will have you to understand what directions should be taken and what kind of work you will face in the future. In this part of dissertation writing procedure you have to demonstrate that you are well-informed on the topic and can make an adequate research.

While in dissertation proposal you have develop certain ideas and research approaches, in dissertation you have to find proper support for your suggestions and hypotheses. It should disappoint you when you have to re-work certain ideas in your dissertation research project. All you have to be concentrated on finding creative ways of making decision. As dissertation research aims at finding new truths, you have to present your unique vision on the problem and innovative ideas as to solving certain problems.

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