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English Literature Dissertation is a Time Consuming Project

Dissertation • April 11, 2010

English Literature Dissertations Show Students’ Skills in Writing

How should I write an English literature dissertation? What is the difference between an English literature dissertation and the other academic works? Writing process of English literature dissertation is quite hard work to perform. The basics of a dissertation should be your advanced skills in writing and creation. Here you have to apply your previous knowledge in literature. If you have any problem, you may follow some recommendations in the research sample.

English literature dissertations require a lot of time for reading before making a research and stating the further results. To write a good dissertation and be succeeded, originality is mostly a key to a high progress. In order to save the precious time, the students are allowed to use some critical sources or take as an example some abstracts from the previous researched works.

To begin your dissertation, the first thing you have to do is to decide on what area you want to make research. You may choose:

– Renaissance literature
– A restoration of the contemporary novel
– Victorian literature
– Eighteenth century literature
– Victorian poetry and prose
– Classic American literature
– Literary theory and criticism
– Practical stylistics
– Modern literature (contemporary literature)

Having made a choice of a particular area, you may find an interesting and fascinating topic. A list of different topics is never ending, but still:

– Eighteenth century women writers: American and English famous writers
– Folklore study
– Narratives of crimes
– Elizabethan tragedy
– Jacobean drama
– Pan-Caribbean poetics, etc.

In such case, you may have a look at the review of works or primary texts. There should be a strong foundation as to English literature dissertations thesis. It is based on your own point of view and reveals your skills and knowledge in the analysis of new subject matter. A lot of students consider this part of a dissertation as the most problematic and complicated thing to do. Someone is able to explain his/her ideas, thoughts, suppositions with the help of writing skills, but a certain percentage of the students is not able to create a profound paper because of this. In case, they need proper academic supervisor or assistant.

It is necessary to use citations that are referred to the particular sources. Remember, they have to be written to the requirements stated at your university or college. Take some samples of a paper and follow its reference style. Hence, an English literature dissertation will correspond to one of the styles. There are main styles, such as:


All of them use versions of either introductory or bibliography. As to the bibliography, you have not to describe it hastily at the end of your work as it is an important section of your paper. A literature dissertation is based mostly on evidential quotations. They are considered to be more essential and more required than in the other types of dissertation. As it was mentioned yet, originality should be based on fresh thoughts, principles and concepts. So, to compile a dissertation perfectly well, state the introductory part with a thesis statement, follow gradually the points in your chapter and make up the conclusion.

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