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Job Satisfaction Dissertation Gives a Chance to Boost Your Career Chances

Dissertation • April 8, 2010

Job Satisfaction Dissertations Sample Will Help You to Write Your Paper

To write a job satisfaction dissertation requires a lot of efforts. To accomplish it perfectly well, you have to be familiar with all requirements first, then with a proper usage of interesting information. In order to have an idea how it should be organized, you may read the article given below.

It is considered to be one of the highly discussed topics and the most difficult and disputable question. A great number of researchers try to investigate the meaning and give various definitions in job satisfaction dissertations. Wood stated that a job satisfaction is a condition of complacency, when a person receives positive attitude from his/her work. Locke suggested his point of view that a job satisfaction is a state of positive emotions as a result of a high assessment given to one’s job.

There are a few reasons for researching in job satisfaction dissertations:

• Organizations study a job satisfaction first because of its certain relation to temporal aims of cost reduction. It is made through a person’s productivity increase that leads to absences, fluctuation manpower and mistakes reduction.

• Fluctuation manpower is connected with a job satisfaction. There exist disciplinary actions of fluctuation manpower in order to stop personnel breaking the rules. Negative consequences of fluctuation manpower comprise:

o To hire new employees and provide them with an opportunity to have a practice in a certain sphere
o Loss of moral of the previous employees
o Negative attitude to the employees
o Reduce social standards
o Destabilization of employee’s daily activities
o Decrease possibilities to be constantly engaged in work to improve your skills and policy

It has been approved that there is an interconnection between a job satisfaction and activities: responsibility, achievement, transaction, working conditions, approbation, gender, educational level, age, advancement and activities during your previous job.

There are fourteen factors researched by the scholars:

Identification: a reaction of praise or blame shown by colleagues, clients or employers.
Achievement: the end of intentions that have examples where some mistakes were traced. Otherwise, examples were comprised in which neither errors nor success were found.
Opportunity of Growth: a person could be either upgraded or downgraded.
Advancement: a person can get a change in a job status. He/she can be designated.
Salary: a financial reward for material that has been required to do.
Interpersonal relations: relationship between job personnel.
Supervision: the supervisor’s desire or reluctance to teach followers.
Responsibility: to get satisfaction from a personal work.
Company Policy and Administration: situations during which some prospects of the company were connected with a job satisfaction.
Working Conditions: physical conditions, capacity and quantity of work.
The work Itself: a job accomplishment as to a job satisfaction
Personal Life: a job influence on one’s personal life beyond working hours.
Status: prestige related to a certain position.
Job security: possession and career stability.

It was discovered that the factors of identification, responsibility, the work itself, achievement and advancement have something in common. All these factors are extremely interconnected and related to good feelings about the job. Finally, the results from the five factors have a long-term effect. They are called motivators. Identification has such factors as supervision, responsibility – interpersonal relations, the work itself – salary, achievement – policy and administration and advancement – working conditions.

If it is very hard for to write a job satisfaction dissertation, you may visit custom research writing assistant or you may make use of a research paper sample.

George Nelson

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