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Martin Cardoso

Writing Philosophy Dissertation Requires Excellent Research Skills

Dissertation • August 1, 2009

Philosophy Dissertation Writing Is Not a Cakewalk

Writing dissertation project is not an easy task but writing philosophy dissertation is complicated twice. Dissertation on philosophy requires an author to be a master of argumentation and enjoy excellent writing skills. One should also be a well-read, erudite personality who can stand for the position chosen.

Philosophy dissertation can be a daunting task if you are not well-informed of what it implied. This academic study implies in-depth investigation on some problem relating to philosophy knowledge. It is not only analysis of existing data on the problem but introduction of author’s personal view on it which has firm scientific basis.
As philosophy is a discipline which touches complicated subjects which cannot be really proven by scientific methods, it is only conviction of an author which makes the research strong. Of course, an author’s views and suggestions are backed up by relevant literature or empirical knowledge but the more persuasive an author sounds in his paper, the stronger it is.

There are many philosophy topics to choose from: different local philosophies, philosophical doctrines and political philosophy. One can also explore ethics which offers a variety of interesting and even thrilling topics to explore. Whatever you choose for your dissertation project, you have to investigate into the issue very thoroughly which means excessive reading and analyzing a great number of academic sources. Thus one should check in advance if the topic can be professionally researched or if it is enough relevant literature on the issue. The second important landmark in the topic choice is if it is appealing to the writer or how much a writer is interested to explore it. Of course, the topic should be up-to-date and has scientific relevancy at the time of study. There’s no point to explore something which has been discussed thousand of times. Philosophy dissertation is not only about discussion but about finding some new knowledge and presenting it to the reader.

Dissertation defense has the same significance as dissertation writing. Here an author shows how much he is knowledgeable in the subject and how confident about his views. Thus one should get prepared for defending one’s position publicly. It takes much nerves but if you impress the committee by your research findings and their presentation, your work will be highly evaluated. Therefore your dissertation defense should be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate your work the best possible way and show that it deserves attention.

Sometimes, it is just impossible to devote enough time for dissertation writing because of grave study overload. Philosophy dissertation requires utmost devotion and time for writing well-grounded and impressive paper. If you need dissertation support and some tips how to write dissertation you are free to contact This professional custom essay writing vendor is pleased to offer its high quality services. If you need any kind of academic help, competent writers will do their best to provide you with their expert assistance.

Martin Cardoso

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