Essay Competition

Essay Competition

Essay CompetitionThere are different kinds of essay competition. Basically, essays are a writing piece expressing an author’s point of view concerning a particular matter.

General essay clues:

• show your opinion consistently
• make a plan to help you;
• be strict and confident;
• point similar thoughts in different words;
• proofread a topic and be sure that you like it;
• proofread the text twice or even more.

Essay composition:

• introduction – here you should catch the attention of a reader; express the importance of the work; show your ability to discuss in order to support your opinion;
• body – includes two or more parts, where you reveal the core; point your evidence, stress your opinion; be consistent and strict;
• conclusions – the sum of what you have written; show the findings and explain, why you are right and the others are not.

Types of essays

narrative essays – refer to telling a tale about some events. It is like a story you retail. Here you must describe some points and show undeniable facts to make your tale meaningful.
descriptive essays – describe some events or things. Usually to write such an essay means to answer questions Why, Where, Of what, What kind of, When etc.
evaluation essays – show the price or the value of events, facts and thing you write about. Point why the issue you are writing about is important to others.
comparison essays – refer to putting on the scales different events, things, actions etc.
argumentative essays – stress your own position, point your meaning and show awareness in meanings of your opponents.

Essay competitions may also refer to the purpose. In this case we can state that the main idea of an essay is to show your own particular view concerning an issue described in an essay. The main reason is to present people your point of view, providing some proves and evidence that you consider to be reasonable. Further conclusions are to make people believe you and to accept your opinion.

Writing an essay needs from you some basic skills and patience. In case of any complications you may always call for essay help.

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