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Entrance essay

Essay • November 15, 2010

The anatomy of winner entrance essays

An “Entrance Essay” is an integral part of the applications to many universities and graduate colleges.  Even some goEntrance essayod private schools require entrance essays to form part of the prescribed applications for admissions.

Mostly entrance essays are paraphrases expected to showcase applicants’ merits, credentials and desires to join  particulars courses  in colleges of their choice.  They should convince the college admissions committees that the applicants deserve a seat. They play a very significant role in the overall admission process.

In a “photo finish” it may boil down to the choice of a particular applicant over another one or two with comparable academic and other achievements. In such situations, a powerful entrance essay can determine whether the applicant gets in or not.

The admissions committees see a large number of entrance essays. Hence they should grab and retain attention.  Insipid reproduction or “spinning” of the applicants’ Curriculum Vitae (CV) does not serve the purpose.

Keep the following points in mind while writing entrance essays.

Entrance essay is not a CV

An entrance essay is not a CV, but is meant to complement it.

Do not dwell excessively on personal data in an entrance essay

An entrance essay should not be a soliloquy of an applicant’s achievements or personal data.

Write to the context

An entrance essay should explain how the applicant’s personal attributes and achievements match the objectives and mission of a particular college and the course applied for.

Applicant should do home work

The applicant to a college should display working knowledge of   its faculty, infrastructure and mission . Otherwise it will be impossible to map the applicant’s profile to the requirements of the college in the entrance essay.  Hence the applicant should do a lot of background research before writing the entrance essay.

Do not pirate

An entrance essay is too personal to admit either piracy or “spinning”. What an applicant will do when confronted with specific questions on the entrance essay when an admissions committee personally interviews the applicant?

Fill up the gaps in CV

The entrance essay is the best place for all such details which cannot get into a CV and  for explaining the applicant’s academic, personal failures and below par performances.  But the applicant should ensure that the entrance essay neither sounds belligerent or as a sob story.

Entrance essays can be custom made

This web site is a great resource for custom made essays.  The applicants are requested to give it a trial after giving a thier CV and other required particulars. This is just the right venue for unique custom essay writing content and quick essay help at affordable cost along with a number of other additional benefits and guarantees.

Remember all the other requirements for a good essay as described in various posts in this blog while writing entrance essays also.

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