A Christmas Carol Essay

a Christmas carol essay

A Christmas Carol Essay-Topics and Ideas:

A Christmas Carol is a famous novel written by a famous writer namely Charles Dickens set in the nineteenth century. Charles Dickens possessed a unique and touching writing style. His novels were usually the themes of poverty and A Christmas Carol was not an exception. Other famous works by the author include A Tale of Two cities and Hard Times.

Topics for A Christmas Carol Essay:

Students often find it difficult to come up with a topic for A Christmas Carol essay. Often the students end up in creating typical A Christmas Carol essays in light of some previously written simple essays on the novel. The reality is that many topics can be derived from this novel and here are some ideas for your help. Tips to attempt each suggested topic are also included in the article:
• Themes of A Christmas Carol: The main theme of the novel like Dickens’s many other works is that of poverty and hardship driven by poverty. This novel however has another obvious theme in it namely that of the spirit of Christmas. Make sure you mention these two themes in your essay.
• Analysis of a Christmas Carol: Analysis essay on A Christmas carol calls for you to read a lot of reviews of the novel before attempting the essay itself. Reviews and critical appreciation of the novel are easily available on the net and happen to be in abundance due to popularity of the novel. It is ideal to go through at least some of these to get ideas for your essay.
• Comparison of A Christmas Carol with Dickens’s other works: this is a common topic for A Christmas Carol Essay since the author’s other works are also very famous. You can compare and contrast the plot and themes of the novel with that of Hard Times by Dickens. The portrayal of poverty and hardships is quite similar among the two novels; however the plot is of course considerably different.
• Plot of A Christmas Carol: Such an essay requires the story of the play, presented in form of a summary.
• Character sketch of Scrooge in the novel: If you chose to write the character sketch of the main character Scrooge, it is important that you read the novel thoroughly with focus on Scrooge. Generally speaking, scrooge character in the beginning of the novel is that of a typical Christmas hater. You can support this by several relevant quotations from scrooge’s dialogues in the novel. This character undergoes a gradual change in the novel and ends up in being the opposite.

Assistance in writing A Christmas Carol Essays:

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