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A View from the Bridge Essay is an Easy Writing Paper

Essay • May 27, 2010

A View from the Bridge Essays to Develop Essay Writing Skills

a view from bridge essay

The students that study English literature are assigned a lot of different literary essays such as: Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfths Night, Macbeth and many others. These topics usually describe how the love and emotions interplay in life. A View from the Bridge essay is one of the most popular works as well. It is one of the plays the student should be familiar with if they want to have a good knowledge in literature.

The play was written by the famous author and the creator of “The death of salesman”, Arthur Miller. It is about three ordinary people: Eddie, his wife Beatrice and their niece Catherine. Eddie changes his feelings to the niece when the Beatrice’s cousin who has arrived to the country illegally, shows the feelings to the Catherine. Eddie tries to stop Catherine from the marriage with Rodolfo and this is the tragedy of the story. Eddie looses the respect of his family and friends just because he informs the Immigration Department that his wife’s cousin has come to the country illegally. This conflict leads to the Eddie’s death at the final scene. This short description of the play is not enough to understand all thoughts of the author but it also characterizes a View from the Bridge essay as an excellent material for analysis.

The students can write it as a story about the man’s feelings. Besides, it is also possible to create a love story with tragic ending. Nevertheless the student must ensure the readers that he has read and understood all the ideas of the play as well as he has formed his own opinion on it. Only in this case they will be able to create a strong and interesting essay.

There are a lot of other topics for a View from the Bridge Essays. The student can also write about the character of the play. Actually there are five characters the author can write about: the hard working Eddie, the lover Rodolfo, Beatrice, Edie’s wife and the main character of the story – Catherine. Though it is not so easy to write about the character description, such essay analysis has some advantages too. Such writing will ensure the reader in your strong knowledge of the play and enable to analyze and describe each person correctly. It is also advised to write about the family relationships and compare them with the modern American families.

There are no strict requirements about the writing format or style, so it is up to the student which one to choose. Usually the students have no problems writing a View from the Bridge essays but different unexpected situations may occur. If you are a working student or just do not have time to write the play will gladly help, you providing the list of the professional writing services. Please, do not be afraid of asking for a help and visit custom essay writing company for more detailed information.

Anna Wippich

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