Anna Wippich

Anna Wippich

Academic Essay Writing Requires Knowledge and Experience

Essay • May 18, 2010

The Algorithm of Academic Essay Writings

If you are a student of a college or university, you will have to write essays and research papers. The academic essay writing is a hard process and requires some knowledge and experience in the subject. The main purpose of the academic essay is to show that the student have understood the material. For students, it is a chance to gain the confidence in the subject they are studying, to find out if they can analyze the material, make a research work and put the ideas together.

The academic essay writing may vary depending on the discipline but the structure and the style are usually the same. Besides every strong academic essay should contain such features as a thesis, evidence that supports thesis, arguments and counter-arguments, the process of discovery, and the unique ideas of the writer regarding the topic.

The process of the essay writing consists of the well-known steps and all of them should be followed in order to create a good writing. The first thing you need to do is to examine the topic you are given or chosen by you. If you are assigned to a specific topic, choose the particular aspects, underline the keywords which are the main focus of your future essay. If you have to choose the topic, then it is important to look for the information and decide whether you know this subject right and have enough information to use during your writing. Be very careful with the informational sources, especially with those from the web. It can become a real trap for the student, as there is a lot of information at the Internet, but only a small part is suitable for the academic essay writing. It is advised to consult with the instructor and receive the recommended list of the literature. Besides, the university library will definitely have all the required literature on your topic. Read the literature and when you feel you are ready – start writing. What to begin with? There are two major things you need to do: to write a thesis, which is the statement you need to prove and write an outline, a complete list of the points or a plan. Start writing then and write your first draft following the plan. It will not be a complete essay but only your thoughts and ideas formed into paragraphs. Remember that your academic essay must contain the facts and the evidences which support the facts. When the first draft is finished, read it carefully, add or withdraw the information. It will be your final copy of the academic essay; however, it will still require the revision. Ask for the help of your instructor or use the essay editing service. The last stage is to write a final draft.

So this is the common algorithm of the academic essay writing. If you need more information or a professional help in the essay writing, please visit custom essay writing assistant Be sure you will get a first class writing and editing service.

Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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