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Essay • May 25, 2010

Writing the Accounting Essays is Very Important for a Future Accountant

One of the requirements of every academic course is the ability to create a strong and informative essay. It has sense because most of the students have to develop the skills of writing an essay and none of them can do it without some knowledge not only in the particular subject, but also of writing and research. The accounting essays are usually assigned to the students of the accounting, management, and finance courses. This work should describe some field of accounting and must have a clear thesis statement as well as the particular materials and financial information.

Writing an accounting essay is an ability to work with the numeric and financial information and requires some analytical skills. To create a strong essay or report the student should gather such information as company’s financial reports, marketing information and statistics. Besides, it is important to write this paper in a strict accordance with the latest financial and accounting standards.

Like the most financial essays, the accounting paper should be written in four steps: creating the introduction, structure and planning, the calculations and analyses, the conclusion part which contains the author’s recommendations. The main purpose of the introduction part is to address the topic to the reader and to show the strong and clear ideas of the writer. Structure and planning is required to have a plan of your work: the student has to create a step-by-step plan and follow the structural recommendations of the essay writing. The calculations and analyses is a practical part of the work which will result in the conclusion, new ideas and recommendations.

The purpose of this short issue is the brief description of the accounting essay writing steps.

Think about your introduction part.

First of all make sure you have understood the questions of your topic correctly.

Create an outline, make some notes and underline the objectives of the essay.

It is very important, as the introduction part will be closely connected with the other parts of your paper, especially with the conclusion.

The next step is the creation of a clear plan of your writing process. Be sure you have taken into consideration the main accounting concepts and developments, Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards. On this stage the writer should gather all the required information, analyze it and create his own ideas that will be used in the essay.

The calculation/analysis part is a core of the essay, as the author has to perform some calculations and analyze different accounting methods. It usually contains charts, statistics, figures and graphs.

The conclusion section gives the answers to the questions from the introduction part of the essay. It should summarize the whole work and provide some interesting thoughts and recommendations.

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Anna Wippich

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