Advice on Spanish Essays

Your success as an essay writer depends upon creation of three things.

•    Your arguments or opinion.
•    Knowledge about the text you are asked to write about.
•    Your reading and independent research.

These things are very important and you should back them up with solid analysis and reference.


•    Your essay should be interesting to read. When reading there should be a natural connectivity between paragraphs.
•    Explain what you are going to argue and how you are going to do it.
•    Don’t drag your arguments. Get to the point straight. Make sure that you have explained each point clearly before moving to the next one.


Avoid making unsupported arguments, woolly phrasing and pushing an excess of information overload.

For example, when you write about some website targeting primarily Mexicans, it is a good idea to write a  Spanish essay targeting Mexicans. Make sure that whatever argument you have given is in sufficient detail. When you develop your essay ideas, introduce theoretical material and reference sources to support your argument.

Avoid using excessive qualification like should, might, often etc. That can make your arguments timid and unclear. When you write a good essay removes words such as ‘extremely’, ‘tremendously’, ‘hugely’, etc . Proof reading is very important in essay writing. Take care of spellings and punctuation. All these have a direct impact on your reader.

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