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Anna Wippich

An Inspector Calls Essay Writing Helps to Develop Critical Reading Skills

Essay • May 15, 2010

An Inspector Calls Essays Make You Think of Significance of Historical Events

‘An Inspector Calls’ essay is one of the most assigned topics not only at the high school but at college too. It is a very famous play which was written by J.B. Priestly in 1945 after the World War Two. The play is written like a detective story but, in fact, it describes the number of problems of the society in Great Britain in the first decade of the 20th century.

Writing ‘An Inspector Calls’ essays is not an easy task, so most of students find themselves in a difficult situation. First of all, it is advised to read the play, not the critics before you start writing the essay. Be sure the play will be useful personally for you and will give you a lot of important advices. But it is not enough because the students do not have the experience and enough knowledge. That is why it is strongly recommended to find some free essays on this subject and discover them carefully. It may give you the ideas on your own topic or may help to choose the one from the list you have found. This short text will provide some themes worth to discuss in your writing.

  1. The setting of the play. It was written in 1945 but the play describes the year 1912. The author have chosen the period when the United Kingdom of Great Britain was one of the most wealthy and powerful countries. Besides, it was the year of famous historical events, such as the beginning of the First World War and the Titanic tragedy. Try to understand and then explain why J.B. Priestly picked up that period.
  2. Capitalism against Socialism. While writing ‘An Inspector Calls’ essay, you can talk about the writer’s political views which are introduced in the play. Describe the characters that belong to the different political systems.
  3. Gender questions. Here you should write about the role of men and women in Britain during the reign of the Queen Victoria.
  4. Responsibility. The author tried to say that people are responsible for what they are doing and for each other. Gathers all your thoughts together and try to express your own point of view on this subject.

Speaking about the technical details, it is strongly recommended to create a plan and use it during your work. You should clearly understand what you are writing about, so it will be useful to contact your teacher or the inspector and discuss the entire question before you start working on the essay.

These advices can really help you in writing ‘An Inspector Calls’ essays. But if you do not want to waste your time and efforts on reading the play and gathering the information, you can always ask for the professional help. Our writers are skilled in writing custom essays, so you will surely get a unique writing of the highest quality. So, please visit where you can find some free examples or make your order online.

Anna Wippich

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