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Essay • March 12, 2011

apa style essay

Formatting an APA Style Essay:

It is very common these days for professors to demand assignments in a certain format. The purpose of formatting an assignment is to create uniformity among published and unpublished scholarly work. If all publications follow a certain format, it becomes easier for others who wish to conduct a literature review of that published work. Popular writing formats include the MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago style. Among these, APA is quite a popular one. This blog will guide you about how to format an APA style essay.

Page Layout and formatting in APA Style Essays:

Following page layout and formatting is advised for an APA Essay:
• Standard one inch margin on all four sides of the page. Regular A4 size page.
• Page number on right top of each page.
• Header of abbreviated title on each page.
• Running head on first page.
• Separate title page that contains: the topic, student’s name, teacher’s name, name of class and institution and date of submission.
• APA style essays have a unique pattern of headings. Main headings are denoted by Arabic numeral 1,2,3 and subheadings go like this: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, further degree subheadings go: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, and so on.

General Pattern of an APA Style Essay:

An APA style essay usually consists of following heading sequence:
• Abstract: This is a brief summary of the paper, placed before the introduction.
• Introduction: This is the introductory section. It includes an introduction to the topic and related concepts. It also includes a detail on what the paper is about.
• Literature Review/Theoretical framework: This is part of the main body. It addresses the previous scholarly works on the same topic and summarizes their findings.
• Methodology: All essays do not contain this section. It pertains mostly to large scale research papers where a study and its research designs are involved. In these cases, the methodology encompasses the sample, methodology, ethical issues and methods of research used in the study.
• Discussion: this section is the core of the paper. It discusses the finding of the study and compares and contrasts them with the existing literature. The findings are also discussed and explained in light of the relevant available theories discussed in the theoretical framework section.
• Conclusion: This is the last part of an APA style essay. It is a summary of all the findings and their implications. Recommendations pertaining to the topic studied and those regarding future studies in the field are also included in this portion.
• References: The references form the last page. There is a detailed format for creating references of cited sources and the APA manual should be consulted for this. It is not possible to summarize the referencing rules in this short blog.
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