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Argumentative Essay Topics

Essay • December 9, 2011

Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics
As it may be understood from the title, we will talk about arguments and discussions. We are going to learn about essays in which one should first of all study the information, pick a matter and then express his opinion, raising some questions. Argumentative essays provide a kind of acknowledgment. Reading such an essay, one should get acquainted with new data, find recent information and face some arguments.

In the following article we are to study basics of essay writing and talk about argumentative essay topic matters.


Getting an assignment of writing an argumentative essay considers performing a research on a stated matter. You need to thoroughly study the situation learning all points of view available on the issue. The more you will got, the better essay you will have done.

As in any other essay, argumentative one requires following sharp composition guidelines. The only things to remember are some slight features you should stick to while writing. Let’s take a look.

Standard essay structure

• introduction;
• body;
• conclusion.

NOTE: Dealing with five paragraph essays you should divide body section into three parts.

Generally, the information to reveal in each section of the listed above structure is similar regardless an essay type or form. Thus, in introduction part you should basically answer “why?”, “where?”, “when?”, “what?” and “who?” questions; in the body section you need to show the main core of your story; writing conclusions, one should sum up all that have been said. But there is a slight difference.

As a matter of fact you need to remember that in argumentative essays your main goal is to raise a kind of discussion. You purpose is to learn the information and find question that bother people provoking them to share their thoughts. As a writer you may agree or disagree with one’s opinion. But do not forget that the words you say must be reinforced by true and reasonable evidence. Prove what you have said.


What to do when you think about argumentative essay topics and cannot decide what to write about? Generally you may take recommendations of the professor or ask your teacher for some hints. If such an approach is not for you, then try to improvise and find the solution elsewhere. Any matter may be discussed and any issue may headline your argumentative essay topic.

Of course, you may apply to write-my-papers service and simply get your work done with a press of a button. But still, let’s list some for you to consider.

Here are some topics

• Fumes – the main source of greenhouse effect?
• Why we all die?
• Causes of overpopulation of the earth.
• A man as a root of all evil.
• Afterlife?

If you still have some problems with argumentative essay topics or other writing pieces of any kind, do not hesitate to use paper writing services. There you can easily order an essay, buy dissertation or just edit your work. So, feel free to ask for help.

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