Blood Brothers Essay

blood brothers essay

Help on the Blood Brothers Essays:

The Blood brothers is a wonderful play written by Wily Russell in 1980s. It enjoyed great popularity when staged as a musical. The dialogues are very powerful and create an enchanting impression on the viewers. Since the play is popular, students often get assignments on the blood brothers. These are mainly Blood Brother Essays.

Different Blood Brothers Essays:

Blood brother essays can be of many types depending on what the teacher is demanding. Here are some ideas for topics in Blood Brothers essays and some tips on how to attempt each type of question:
• Theme Essay: The Blood Brothers has multiple themes. The two main themes however are that of the socio economic contrast and of the Blood brother’s ritual. These two must be highlighted in a theme essay on the Blood Brothers and every point you state must be supported with evidence from the play that may be in form of description of the acts or in form of quotations from the dialogues in the play which depict what you are trying to convey to the reader.
• Comparison Essay: It is common for students to get assignments where a comparison of the play or a character is demanded with that of another. In such a case, make it a point to watch both plays and analyze both roles in detail.
• Plot Essay: A plot essay is a summary of the play. It explains the story- the series of events that occur in the actual play. For such an essay, you should simply start with where the story starts in the play i.e. the separation of twins and such an essay typically ends at the tragic ending of the play.
• Review Essay: Some essays require a review of the play. In such cases it is advisable to read reviews of the play written by other authors. A review generally includes a brief summary and background of the play, outlining its positive and negative features.

Attempting a Blood Brothers Essay:

Following are some general guidelines for attempting the blood brother’s essay:
• Watch the play carefully at least twice before attempting the Blood brothers essay.
• Make a mental note of the parts of the play that you like or dislike and then add these in your essay along with your reason of liking or disliking them.
• Read some reviews on the play before attempting the Blood Brothers Essay.
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