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Anna Wippich

Captivate Your Reader in Business School Essay

Essay • May 10, 2010

Get Some Business School Essays Writing Help!

If you a business school student you will certainly face a very difficult challenge, since most programs require a chain of essays to be done rather than just a single personal statement at the beginning of studies. This fact alone already indicates the importance that all business schools place on the written responses you will do. Besides they pay special attention to personal qualities such as leadership, initiative and communication skills. For that reason your future admission will mostly depend on your ability to present your goals and experiences in written form. Below are given some advice on preparing and writing business school essays writing.

1)      Almost all applications will include a question that asks you about the reasons for choosing MBA. Some may openly ask you to bind these reasons into the background and goals you have. Even if some school doesn’t offer such specific question, you need to plan on such a discussion, since it gives the necessary context for your application.

2)      Try to keep in mind that admissions officers constantly read a lot of essays, and often they should skim. So you need to remember that they won’t be looking for some new way to view the world; actually they will be looking for some new way to view the applicant. And the best possible way to grip your future readers is to start your business school essay with some captivating snapshot.

3)      Don’t be afraid to make use of personal details. Try to show and not just tell! Keep in mind that good essays are always concrete and based on the personal details. They do not simply assert anything, but they always demonstrate it through the personal details. That means that if you want to add some personal quality, you can do it telling about your experiences and not just asserting them.

4)      Always try to be as much concise as possible. Business school essays wordiness not just fill up precious space, but also makes the important ideas you want to convey more difficult. Remember that short and concise sentences are more powerful since they are always direct and strictly to the point.

5)      Sometimes it seems that applicants want to turn their application essay into an entire biography. Naturally, it is very difficult for them to pack all the information into a short essay, and as a result their essays sound like a list of experiences and not a logical, well-organized idea. Try to make certain that each sentence in your work supports the central theme of your essay.

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Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

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