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Anna Wippich

Choose some Disputable Problem for Your Discussion Essay

Essay • January 27, 2010

Discussion Essay Helps Students to Investigate the Subject from Different Perspectives

Discussion essay is a kind of academic paper which helps you to improve your discussion and research skills. This kind of essay gives you a great opportunity to share with the others your points of view on the topic.

In order to make your discussion interesting you should find some catching topic that would stir the readers’ attention and involve them into discussion.
While choosing the topic for your discussion essay pay attention to the following criteria:

– Your essay topic should be informative and disputable.
– It should involve some problem and engage the readers into brainstorming.
– It should involve some familiar or common known situation.
– It should expose different sides of the discussed subject.
– There should be enough amount of information on the topic.

When you know the topic of your essay, collect maximum of materials on the topic. Some students wonder what the best source of information is. Your paper will be on the highest level if you involve different sources for writing your paper. You may use the following sources for searching the information:

– Books, magazines, newspapers etc.
– Internet.
– Mass media, radio, educational programs.
Discussion essay structure consists of the following compulsory elements:
– the introduction
– the main essay body
– the conclusion

To read more information about essay outline, you may find essay writing guides in internet. There sample essays are provided.

The introductory part should introduce the essay subject to the readers. You should also clearly state why you have chosen the following subject. Describe the scientific significance of the subject. In the thesis statement you should point out the main purpose of your investigation. Write what results you expect at the end of the essay.

In the essay body you should dwell on the topic under discussion. It is the right place for providing the main statements and sufficient arguments. Share with the readers your own ideas and opinions. Both pros and cons should be discussed in the essay. So, the person who will read your essay may get an overall sight on the problem.

While writing your essay, try to use simple language. Then the readers could clearly understand the main points of your discussion essay. You may also support each important argument with examples. In such a way you will show your complete awareness of the subject and the readers may better realize your points of view. Make last sentence of each paragraph the transition sentence. So, the essay will smoothly flow from paragraph to another.

Sum up in conclusion everything that was said in the introductory part and in the essay body. Think if you managed to achieve the purpose that was stated in the introductory part.

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Anna Wippich

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