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English Essay Writing

Essay • March 2, 2011

English essay writing

Get a grasp in English Essay Writing:

Essay writing is a vast field and not every one finds it easy to compose an English essay. An English essay is not just an essay written in English; English Essay writing requires much more. Before touching the topic, I’d like to give a brief introduction to the history of English language.

History of English:

The history of this great language can be traced back to 5th century A.D, when the inhabitants of Britain communicated in Celtic language. It was around this time when three tribes invaded the region. These Germanic tribes included Angles, Saxons and Jutes. The Angel’s language was at that time known as Englisc. All these three tribes spoke a somewhat similar language which gave birth to what we call the old English. This old English has evolved with time and the present day English, known as late modern English. Since English is spoken in many other countries besides Great Britain, therefore is has come to have many varieties. The most common forms of the language however continue to be the British English and the American English.

The Challenges of English Essay Writing:

English Essay writing is not an ordinary task. It has to be done while keeping in mind the English culture, Group diversity in the region and historical importance of the language. Following are some tips that might come in handy if you are faced by the task of English Essay writing:
• Firstly, you must make sure that the essay is free of grammatical mistakes.
• Although the British and American English may appear similar to a person who is not an expert in the language, yet these two are quite different. Make sure which type of English is required before you start writing.
• Certain words are spelled differently in American and British English. Make sure that you have written the correct spellings as per the form of language required. If you are using MS Word to type in your essay, you can select either U.S or U.K English for spell check convenience.
• British English tends to be more formal than other forms of English. Making use of a few phrases of old English can make your essay impressive but make sure that these phrases are written correctly and fit in where you are inserting them in the essay.
• There are a lot of scholastic essays available free on the internet written by great English authors. It is advisable to read a few before you compose your own.
• If you are not confident in usage of English language and need a perfect essay, then you may buy essay.
• Custom research papers, crafted as per the specific needs of students while adhering to the supervisor’s instructors and reflective essays written and modeled in perfect English can also be ordered or bought online. This writing is done by English language experienced experts and is bound to be impressive and error free.

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