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Essay • November 27, 2010

Essay Writing Service or Essay Cheat service?

Traditional teachers labeled essays copied from other students, past or present, as “essay cheats” and ranked them very low. But Internet and World Wide Web have been spawning professional essay writing services for nearly a decade. Are sucEssay Cheatsh services “essay cheat” services as some people say?

In the pre Internet era, Students of equal merit were equally disadvantaged in so far as access to information was concerned. Arcane data gathering, verbal and arithmetical skills were extolled as great academic attributes. Even calculators were not allowed in examinations.

Internet ushered exponential growth in the volume and depth of information easily accessible by all. What a student is expected to do? Just keep gathering and collating colossal amount of information and recording them in essays? Is it not the students’ primary duty to learn all the dimensions and nuances of the subjects studied? Is education restricted to just searching and drafting?

Many feel, if calculators and computers can be used, why the so called “essay cheat” services are outcastes. Why not use them to reduce the tedium of drafting and writing? Even executives use the services of secretaries!

This was the idea behind the pioneering UK based essay writing Company started by Barclay Littlewood in 2003. Many similar and reputed services followed suit.

If and when necessary, a student can convert original ideas into essays using “essay cheat” services. That is what a professional custom essay writing service is for. Any average teacher can identify a ghost written essay. Hence the student should use such services judiciously. “Ideas are mine, but the draft may be yours” should be the motto. The essay writing service can lend its ideas as any other source of reference does. It is up to the discerning student to accept or reject such ideas. If the student uses essay writing services with this caveat in mind, there is nothing wrong. “Essay Cheats” help to hone the students’ skills.

Students should keep the following points in mind both while selecting and using an essay writing service.

  • A decent “essay cheats” service employs professionals of highly respectable academic credentials to tailor make essays to individual student requirements. If not, the service will become history.
  • The dress will be a failure if it does not fit the wearer, however exalted the tailor may be. Likewise an essay written without keeping the particular student in mind will be no good. A student who cannot write a proper leave letter cannot pass of as Shakespeare! Hence find responsive essay writing services which can understand and serve your specific and particular needs.
  • Avoid bucket shops peddling recycled essays. They are the “essay cheats” in the real sense! You and other students are not identical. Their essays can never become your essays.
  • Beware of plagiarism. If you are caught, the consequences can be serious. Insist on proof that what you get is plagiarism free.

Samedayessay.com is a custom essay writing service, which meets all the above requirements.

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