Learn how to Structure your Paper with Essay Format Guideline

Care for the Essay Format While Writing Your Paper
Students are usually assigned to write different kinds of essay. If you want to get a good grade for your essay writing, then you should know all the requirements of essay format and follow all of these requirements.

A set pattern for the essay format outline consists of:
– The title page;
– The introduction with thesis statement;
– The essay body;
– The conclusion;
– The references list;

In the title or cover page, state your surname and initials, the professor’s name. Place a centered title of the paper in the middle of the page. Indicate the name and the number of the course and the date of submission.
In the introductory part try to grasp the readers’ interest. Introduce some interesting citation that is relevant to the topic. Then introduce the problem that you are going to discuss. Prove that the given problem is worth of researching. Write background information. Include the methods that you are going to use for your paper. At the end of the introductory part provide a thesis statement that should be further developed in the main body of your essay.

The body of the essay is the largest part. Divide the essay body into several paragraphs and sub-paragraphs. Start each paragraph with an opening sentence where the main idea of the paragraph should be stated. Then you should present the research itself and examine the essay subject from the different perspectives.
Provide the coherent set of statements and arguments. Students usually provide different in-text citations in their papers. And it is very important if you managed to organize the citations according to all the rules of the required essay formats. The citation style may be APA, MLA or Chicago etc. Each citation style has its peculiarities as for the in-text citation organization. For example, if you are required to stick to the APA citation style, then you should support the given citation with:

– The name of the author of the book where the citation is taken
– The year of publication
– The number of pages.

In the concluding part you should present a strong concluding statement that will sum up every significant point that has been discussed in the main body. You should also refer to the thesis statement and provide the constructive answer to the research question.

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