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Essay Writing Guide is the First Step You Need to Start Writing Process With

Essay • May 25, 2010

Check Essay Writing Guides Before Writing Your Work

If you are a student or even a pupil, you will definitely have to write an essay. It can really be a troublesome task and many students feel uncomfortable doing this work. The first and the most complicated thing is the beginning. You can be good at writing, have strong knowledge in the particular subject and still have difficulties in writing an essay. What you really need is the essay writing guide. It will guide you through your work and help you to create a strong and well-structured paper.

Each essay can have different purposes but the main structure is the same for all of them. The writing can be an easy and interesting thing if you follow the simple steps. The only thing you will have to do is the research work and the creation of your own ideas. So this essay writing guide will give you a clue to the successful writing.

  1. Choose your topic. You can find yourself in the two different situations. You can be assigned the topic or you can be given a chance to choose your own. In the first case you have to consult the instructor, ask for some advices on writing the essay. If your topic is too narrow, then make it short and more specific. In case you have the right to choose a theme, choose at least 10 topics, analyze them and take the most suitable for you. This should be the most interesting and with a lot of information available. You should always pay special attention to the information search and use only the trusted sites such as the governmental or non-profitable resources.
  2. Make an outline or a plan of your work. All essay writing guides contain this stage. You should put all your information and ideas together, think about the main steps of your writing and make some notes. This will be your outline.
  3. Prepare your thesis statement. You have to create your thesis statement just after you have completed your outline. It will consist of two parts: the first part will state the topic; the second part will state the point of the essay. Once you have completed this task you can continue with the structure of your writing.
  4. The body paragraphs. Usually it consists of three parts. The main purpose of the body part is to explain your topic and each idea of your outline will become one of its parts. If you have more than three ideas, the body will have more parts too.
  5. Writing the introduction and the conclusion part. Actually the introduction is the first part of your essay but it is strongly recommended to create it after your body part. The introduction has to attract the reader’s attention to your essay. The conclusion contains the summarization of your paper and should always contain your own ideas.
  6. Check your essay, edit it and then make a final copy. You need to read it for several times, add or delete some information, correct grammar and structural mistakes and make a final copy.

You can find some other essay writing guides but this short issue can give you the most common point on essay writing. You can visit custom essay writing site Samedayessay.com and  get professional essay writing help.

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