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Anna Wippich

Attempting a GMAT Essay

Essay • March 10, 2011

gmat essay

Guidelines on GMAT Essay Writing:

The GMAT essay writing assignment is of two forms, namely: analysis of an issue and analysis of an argument. Both of these are analytical writing assessments and require excellent writing skills, analytical skills and complete command on written expression via language.

The GMAT Essay Writing Assessment:

The GMAT writing analytical assessment typically consists of two sections. 30 minutes time is allowed for each section. Both sections consist of analytical tasks but one is based on an issue and the other, on an argument.

Tips for attempting an analytical GMAT essay on an Issue:

In this section of analytical writing assessment, you will be provided with a two to three lines statement. This is non argumentative and you have to agree with the view point in the paragraph you will be required to write. Following tips must be kept in mind while doing so:
• Make a rough list of the strong points of the essay and discuss them one by one.
• This is a political essay, you are not required to point put the counter arguments. Just support the stance taken in the given statements.
• Try to convince the reader that the statement you are supporting is correct and there is no question regarding the accuracy of the statement.
• Keep in mind that there are no marks on point of view here. All the marks are based on your convincing skills and of course your command on the language.

Tips for attempting an analytical GMAT essay on an Argument:

In this section of the assignment, you are provided with a short paragraph. This paragraph will have two opinions on a matter in it. You will be required to take one side in your essay. Following are some tips that might come in handy while attempting this task:
• Read the paragraph thoroughly and take a position: the side you wish to support.
• Underline the gaps or shortcoming of the counter argument.
• Now start building up your essay by criticizing these highlighted points one by one. Make sure that you support your argument in your essay wherever you are making a point.
• Try to use convincing language and support your point as much facts as possible.
• Whenever you deny or accept any point in your essay make sure that you have included a reason for it.
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