Erin Amedda

Erin Amedda

Good Examples of College Essays vs Custom Written Papers

Essay • April 26, 2009

Advantages of Using Good Examples of College Essays and Custom Written Papers

My friend, who prefers to anonymous, is a student of languages department. So she has many essay writing tasks, which is really burdensome for her to complete everything in time. She would read two volumes of encyclopedia rather than writing those time-consuming tasks. In most cases she is not satisfied with her own papers, especially college essays. That is why she copes with these tasks with the help of good examples of college essays provided online.

Nowadays, every student has access to online resources, where one can find a great variety of good essay examples that concern different types of essay, absolutely different topics, and different levels of educational achievements. Examples online help most students if they know how to use them. Some essay writers make a great mistake, which is severely punished by professors, when they rewrite or copy the example. Good examples of college essays are just an example of essay writing, the purpose of which is to show how to write an essay.

Despite of the fact that my friend does not enjoy the process of essay writing, she assumes great responsibility. She is completely aware of the importance of the paper if it is a simple essay or a term paper. She tries to show her educational level, knowledge of the subject, individual experience, and attitude to the researched object. That is why she tries to do her best to produce interesting work that will impress the reader and bring her respect in the educational community.

When my friend was a freshman, she wrote her first college essays with good examples of college essays rather easy and crafted the papers successfully; but when she became a sophomore, it became harder to cope with college essays as requirements and the level of complexity changed. She managed to write essay but, even with the examples, it was far from perfect; and she decided not to torment herself and buy essays.

She addressed the recommended custom essay writing service and made an order. In two days she got her completed paper and was pleased to find out that it was written according to all her instructions, as if it was done not by a person of exactly the same educational level and individual experience as the customer was. The essay had appropriate format, comprehensible content, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Of course, there were points when she wanted to change something but, in fact, it did not spoil the whole work and impression was good.

When buying custom essays and research papers she got more advantages than disadvantages:
She passed college essays of high quality;
She had good grades, professors were satisfied with her college essays and did not guess that it was written by somebody else;
She had a lot of spare time;
She had an escape way if she could not cope with the task;

Now, she is able to write the papers herself, sometimes with the help of good examples of college essays. Looking at the custom papers she understands how to cite a paper, express and organize her thoughts, make an investigation, and cope with college essays.

Erin Amedda

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