George Nelson

George Nelson

High School Essay Contest Gives Students Practical Experience

Essay • May 19, 2010

High School Essay Contests is an Opportunity to be Acknowledged

The high school students have a lot of chances to make their future better or even to become famous. This fact can definitely influence their careers and surely – their future life. Some students consider the academic life and scientific work a challenge, while the others think it is an easy and interesting task. Nowadays there are a great number of high school essay contests. If the young person is good in writing the essays he will be able to take part in the competition. This is a unique chance for students to win a scholarship and to get the higher education.

Writing a high school essay contest gives the student at least two advantages. First of all, the young author can use his writing skills to win a money prize and pay for the studies. Another benefit is the fact that working on the essay, the student will get some experience and will be prepared for the future college or the university life. He will definitely learn how to fill in the forms, how to work under the certain rules, and how important is to submit writing by a deadline. Usually, such competitions have the rules, they can vary slightly but most of them are the same for all institutions. Only the students between the ages of fifteen and nineteen can take part in the high school essay contest. There are strict requirements to the text formating and structure. The essay should be written in MS Word or PDF format only. Besides the paper should not exceed 500 – 750 words. All the participants must have good skills in writing. Sometimes it can also be necessary to submit an essay in different languages. The essay topics are usually changed every year but if the student has his own ideas, researches in the particular subject and experience it will be easy to cope with the task.

The winning prizes may vary according to the essay quality. Some colleges may provide a full scholarship award while others offer only a partial. The amount of the prize ranges from 500 USD to 10000 USD. It mostly depends on the student’s skills. The essay should show that the participant has a good knowledge in the subject. The essay is also judged for its presentation, originality and content. That is why it is very important for the student to structure his writing properly. All these rules and requirements may seem to be too complicated but winning this competition will be a real achievement for the student.

Every year thousands of students take part in the high school essay contests. Some of them are talented enough to win but there are many who require a real help in the essay writing. is the company where you can always get professional assistance. We can give you an advice on writing your essay, edit your work or even write it for you. Our experts will insure that your essay is a unique work and is written according to the requirements.

George Nelson

Written by George Nelson

I have been working as a professor for many years. In my experience, students fail to write their papers because they lack knowledge and bravery to ask for help. Here, I am able to help scholars learn, evolve, research, and understand. There is nothing difficult about philosophy, religion, and I am here to prove it.

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