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George Nelson

IB Program Requires an Extended Essay

Essay • February 4, 2009

Extended essay is a part of the IB diploma programme

Such essay is three thousand to four thousand worded written document, which is like a research paper, and being the important part of the International Baccalaureate assignment, it is treated like a dissertation document.

The first most important part of such essay writing is to find the topic. The teaching faculty can give the topic or the writer may select it. However, most of the times the topic is chosen by the student, so that he or she can write independently on any favorite subject..

The following guidelines will be helpful to complete an essay.

•    Research on a few topics

Start with finding a few topics, that interest and stimulate you. Find all the relevant information on the topics, over the internet, on various search engines, as well as other electronic media, books etc. You need to keep in mind that only one topic is to be selected. Hence, choose the topic, which is best like by you. Name the topic as per your own evaluation of the information found by you. Normally IB course guidelines give enough time to students for conducting the proper research and writing an essay. Hence, there is no need to be panicky and nervous about this assignment.

Your initial rough draft can be of four to six thousand words, which will incorporate all the relevant information found during the research.

•    Write an abstract and introductory page

You need to justify that your written work is well documented and researched. Hence, an abstract page as well an introductory page should be written in such a manner that it conveys the whole text message concisely. Therefore, the introduction should be brief and to the point, while highlighting the main points raised by you in the body of the extended essay.

An outline page can also be incorporated in the document to index various sub headings and titles given in the main body of the document.

•    Cite references

You cannot write a paper containing at least three thousand words on your own. You need to expand your views and opinion on the selected topic by giving the information on the subject collected from other sources. Therefore, always try to give the reference of the source that you have used to take the information for writing the paper.

However, the paper written by you should be free of plagiarism and as such; you require citing these references as a footnote to the sub topic of the essay. It is advisable to adhere to the rules for citing such references as per a particular format like MLA, APA, Harvard referencing style etc..

•    Conclusion

This is the best part of the extended essay, which gives the writer to express the thoughts that can be purely of his own. It is necessary to keep the flow of the matter in he conclusion part of the essay, to be consistent with the main body text.

The rules for writing the conclusion page remain the same, whether it is for writing essays like a political essay or a short essay or an academic essay etc…

George Nelson

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