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In case you are an ISB applicant you will have to do a lot of work to submit and get a positive result! So, this kind of application has three obligatory ISB essays and one optional essay. First of all, you will have to present three reasons as to why you are good enough to become ISB student. Your reasons must somehow distinguish you from the rest of applicants and must be supported by some personal data. Besides you will need to assess your career achievements and your career goals for future. If there is any additional information that can affect your final result, don’t fail to mention it in your essay. Below are given the questions that you may be asked and some useful tips on how to answer them correctly.

1)  So, the first question you may be asked to answer in your ISB essay may be the following. You will have to present the reasons as to why you must be chosen to the class of future year. Here you need to compare yourself with your colleagues at work. Try to think what differs you from them? Maybe there is a thing that you do very well and others find it difficult?

2)  The next task for you to complete is the request to describe some challenging assignment you have ever handled. Here you need to tell about the difficulties you have faced and the way you handled them. Don’t fail to mention what personal experience you derived from that assignment.

3)  Further you will be asked to assess your career progression. All you will have to do is to tell about your career goals and how your career progressed till now. Don’t forget to mention that ISB program will surely fill the gap between the present state of things and your future career success.

4)  If you are going to insert any additional information at the end of your ISB essay, you need to keep in mind that, as a rule, completing this essay brings only harm for the applicant. So try to avoid its writing unless you have some really convincing reasons to make it. And never write it unless you have some definite problem to address. While addressing that problem, try to be tactful.

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