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About MLA style Essays

Essay • March 7, 2011

Mla style essay

Information on writing MLA style essays

There are various known formats for essay writing and each format has a specific referencing style attached to it. Some of the common essay writing formats include the MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago formats. The MLA format is more popular in humanities while the APA format is usually attached to the sciences.

What is MLA?

MLA stands for the Modern Language Association. For the sake of creating uniformity in published works, so that it becomes easier for interested readers to review the work, MLA has defined a specific writing format for academic writing. MLA has published two handbooks/manuals for the writers to consult and these are constantly updated. MLA format is very specific about referencing style also and has a unique system for referencing as well.

Formatting the MLA Style Essays

Formatting an essay as per the MLA is simple, but one has to read the manual carefully and format accordingly. You can seek expert writing services for such a task. These expert writers ensure that the document produced is perfectly formatted as per the prescribed pattern. You can seek essay help to save yourself from the trouble of going through the lengthy MLA manual an you can even order research papers in the same format or in any other prescribed format for that matter. also provides perfect and flawless dissertation help for the assistance of students. Following are some general guidelines regarding the MLA format:
• There is no need for a separate title page unless asked for by the instructor.
• The first page of your document should contain your name, your instructor’s name, the name of course and date, all left flushed and double spaced.
• The title of your paper must then follow on the same page, centered. There are no specific directions as to whether or not the headings are to be bold.
• The font throughout the paper should be 12 pt, times roman or 12 pt Arial. Any other plain and clear font can also be chosen.
• All the pages should be having a header. The header consists of your last name and the page number, flushed right.
• Footnotes and endnotes are usually optional. Wherever the writer feels that adding any information about the source will interrupt the smooth reading of the article, use of endnotes or footnotes is advisable. A separate page is needed in the end, before the bibliography page in case endnotes are used.

Referencing in MLA Style Essays

The MLA format has a unique referencing style. The manual must be referred to for details of this. It is however stated, that the MLA handbook and manual instructs in text referencing as well as bibliographical referencing. In text referencing prescribed as per the MLA is parenthetical (author name and year of the work cited) where is the bibliography is the detailed reference page, given at the end of the document.

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