Narrative Essay Writing Prompt Help to Produce a Really Interesting Narration

Narrative Essay Writing Prompt for a Thrilling Essay

Narrative essay is one of the most thrilling essay types, as this format allows to apply the most creative approaches and be free in your essay writing efforts. Narrative essays offer a format where an author can express his point of view and get Excellent for his personalized writing. Narrative essay writing prompt help allows to realize what makes a really interesting narration.

First of all, it is necessary to outline basics features of narrative essay:

• it discusses events and contains personal attitudes. No particular approach- just be yourself;
• relaxed writing style where the author tries to tell a story as if to a close friend. However, one should keep the purpose of narration in mind – why does he tell the story about his puppy: just to entertain or to teach something? ;

The structure of narrative essay is the same as the majority of essay types. It consists of:

• INTRODUCTION where an author presents the scope of his further research and defines the writing style: narration, description, observation, instruction, etc. It gives certain direction to a story and certain shape.
• BODY of the narration where a climax point is evident. Here an author focuses on the story itself and develops into a coherent conclusion.
• CONCLUSION highlights the main point of the whole narration.

One of the most significant narrative essay writing prompt is the use of descriptive language avoiding trite phrases. While writing narrative essay it is important to remember that one should attract the reader’s interest at once, from the first paragraph. For this purpose one should address reader’s emotions by different means from the use of appropriate language and stylistic techniques to unexpected turns of the plot.

For narrative essays as well as for cause and effect essay or compare and contrast essay planning is a must. At this stage an author defines the flow of events and development of characters if any. After defining the ‘skeleton’ of an essay one can make a draft of the narration. After the first version is ready, one should put it away for sometime and allow one’s brain to distract. Afterwards it is possible to proofread and edit the story. However, it is not the end – sometimes it is better to make several proofreading sessions to assure good quality of the paper. Cutting some paragraphs or thinking over word choice makes wonderful changes in one narration.

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