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George Nelson

Illustrate Process Essay Writing with Good Examples

Essay • November 24, 2009

General Idea of What Process Essay Is

Before writing process assay one should understand what the word process means. Process is a fixed succession of actions or events guiding to a result. In your process essay you should describe this process and make your description substantial and clear. To make a good process essay you must know the procedure inside out.

The process pattern of organization is often used in scientific writing. But before you start writing your essay you should think over what you are going to discuss in your paper. You shall choose the topic you are really interested in so you’ll have an opportunity to excite your interest. This way you will make the writing process pleasant and enjoyable. For a start you may read a lot of information to find out if the topic is interesting and to see the amount of the material available on this subject.

The boundaries of the writing topics are the most widespread problems for every student who starts writing an essay paper. First, you should think how you can make your topic more specific. A process paper either tells the reader how to do something or describes how something is done. While writing process essay pay attention to the following: first, what process you are trying to describe; who or what influences the process; describe all possible ways of doing this process; make clear how many steps the process takes. Readers should know what difficulties are usually involved in each step and how one can overcome these difficulties; you shall consider who the readers are, what knowledge and outfits they need to make this process. If there are similar processes and they can help illustrate the process you’re writing about give an example so the readers can better understand given information.

The process essay format includes the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion. Each part of an essay has a principal pattern of organization. Consider the title of your essay as the title informs the reader what process will be described. In the introduction you will include necessary background of the process. It will help the readers to perform safely and efficiently. You shall provide readers with valuable information so they may understand the importance of your scientific research. Expound the aim of your essay and explain some new terms you will use in your description.

Your essay body serves as a step by step guide in carrying out the process. Each step of the essay should be defined with certain aim. The succession of steps should be logically organized and motivated; create coherent transitions from one paragraph to another. Use transition words to indicate that one step has been completed and a new one will begin. Some common transitional words that are usually used in process essay are as follows: after a few hours, afterwards, at the same time, in the meantime, immediately before, currently, eventually etc. For the reader it will be easier to understand research paper writing if you provide them with examples to each part of your essay.

The conclusion of process essay always ends with summing up and giving the final result. It will be appropriate if you suggest readers some further advice or direct them to other sources of information.

George Nelson

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