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Martin Cardoso

Reflective Essay Writing is Reflection of Your Thoughts and Ideas

Essay • September 8, 2009

Rely on Your Experience and Write Reflective Essay

If you want to write a high-rating reflective essay, be ready to share your thoughts and ideas with a reader. This type of essay is based on using personal experience and knowledge to contemplate on the topic. It does not mean that you have to write everything that comes into your mind. Reflective writing is something you should need to know.

Reflective writing is not writing to inform, entertain or persuade. It is meant for expressing one’s opinion on the topic in a neutral, calm manner. It is not an informative essay where all facts and actions are arranged in logical order and presented to the reader. In a reflective essay the flow of thoughts can be even illogical. However, to avoid confusion and be clear to the reader, it is better to stick to the logical rules.

Reflective essay writing is very intimate writing as you have to reveal not only your personal experience but also give evaluation of this experience and highlight some idea which is the most prominent in the essay.

As to the formal arrangement of this essay type, it is the same as the majority of essays have. It has an introduction, the body of the work and the conclusion. Your can support some of the suggestions by data and research findings. However, you are not expected to be very analytical in a reflective paper.

Writing topics for reflective essay should be found in your personal experience, something you have lived through. Something which influenced your life and visions, something which is memorable and which made a point in your life. However, it is not a strict rule and you can reflect on some Christmas evening which was so pleasant and warm that you’ve decided to dwell on it.

You can browse through some essay examples to look at reflective writing in order to understand what is meant. However, a reflective essay supposes a high percent of personal writing. Thus you cannot use any of the samples in your work. Looking though the sample essays may inspire you for some contemplation and writing a superb essay.

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Martin Cardoso

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