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Anna Wippich

Brainstorm Your Ideas and Get a Great University Essay!

Essay • May 9, 2010

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Probably you are already familiar with the process of university essays writing that usually requires you to brainstorm your ideas, group them into definite topics with its unique topic sentence, and create a thesis statement that brings together all these topics and comes out at the end of your foreword. But you need to keep in mind that such approach is good for preparing short essays, but it may be more difficult in case you are working on some longer essay. Besides, if you are unfamiliar with the subject of your essay, you will need to complete some research work before you start writing. So, the first thing you will have to do is to go to the library and gather the appropriate materials. But before you go to the library or look for necessary information in the internet you should analyze the question of your essay, create the first outline of it and try to decide what your controlling idea is. Then you must start your research. Below there is some more information on preparing a good university essay.

1)   Try to analyze the question of your essay, think what exactly your tutor has asked you for. Remember, it is that minimum your essay should contain in any case.

2)   Imagine what kind of information your future readers will need to understand your arguments. Sometimes it is very useful to define the key terms you will make use of in your university essay.

3)  In case your arguments assume that your readers should know some background facts on your topic, then you will surely have to present such background information briefly.

4)    When you are working at the library try to keep your previously made outline at hand. Constantly keep on checking the controlling idea of your essay; try to fill all its gaps and don’t fail to change it as your ideas change.

5)  When your research work is almost done the controlling idea you used before must become your thesis. Then take a look at all the chapters you finished critically, to make certain they make a progressive, logical argument supporting your thesis.

6)  Finally, when your university essay is ready, you need to read it through several times and make sure there are no mistakes. Pay special attention to the correct format of your essay, its style and grammar.

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Anna Wippich

Written by Anna Wippich

I am literally obsessed with environmental studies! I work part-time as a volunteer, trying to make our world a bit better and safer place. But my major occupation is writing on environmental studies. I like to help students research new topics, bring fresh ideas, and raise their awareness on ecological matters.

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