Have a Look at a Nice Example of Literature Review and Use it in Your Work

Follow the Example of Literature Review Writing Tips and Make a Successful Work!

Literature review writing offers readers to get an easy access to a variety of research works on a definite research topic by presenting first-class articles that are appropriate, significant and valid and summing them up into one full report. Besides, it gives an excellent basis for those researchers who just start to make research in some new areas. It gives such researchers a chance not to repeat all the done work by predecessors. If you need to make literature review begin with searching and reading some ready example of literature review. It can be rather helpful since it will give you some clues as to the future research or points on which to focus.

Starting your work you need to remember some important fact about literature review writing. First of all, it highlights most important findings of the work. Sometimes it even can identify contradictions, faults and inconsistencies in the literature. Besides, literature review gives a practical analysis of the methodolo¬gy of other researchers. If you want to know all the points read the following useful information on literature review writing.

1) The first part of any literature review is a foreword. Here you need to explain the focus and to set up the importance of the topic. You can make use of example of literature review. You’ll see it will help you much. In your review you should tell your reader what kind of work you have already done on your topic and what kind of controversies you have found. Don’t forget to mention how your review findings can lead to the research that you are going to carry out.

2) The next section of your review is the main body. You can divide it by some headings or even the subheadings. Here you need to tell about main arguments, the most significant trends, and any other findings on account of which investigators agree or disagree. Keep in mind that in your review you should talk about only that research that will lead to your own project. Try to look for and use some good example of literature review.

3) In the conclusion you need to sum up all the confirmation you have and show its significance. In case the review is a foreword to your own research work, make a stress on how earlier research led to your own research and methodology you choose. And if the literature review is a separate assignment, you need to suggest some practical usage of your research work as well as the possibilities for a future research.

Literature review writing is quite a challenging task. That is why you will have to spend a lot of time preparing it. You can use ready example of literature review and make your work easier in such way. But if you don’t have much free time to do all the work yourself, visit custom research writing assistant Samedayessay.com and find out how you can get the highest mark! Besides, you will always find there any kind of essay samples.

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